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Red Planet Habitable? 16 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Earth, Grumpy Pants, I PROTEST, World Affairs.
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Plumes of methane gas detected on Mars could be a sign of geological or biological activity – and possibly the latest indication that life can be sustained on the Red Planet, according to a study released on Thursday. Read more here.

So let me see. What if life can be sustained on the Red Planet? Can life be sustained on Earth, our one and only home? Are we able to keep all the species alive, the ecological balance intact, population in check, global warming at bay? No, no, no, no and no.

I am against all the space programs until we have all learned to keep our precious planet alive and kicking. Once we have changed our ways (perhaps never), only then should the hard earned tax monies should be spent on the space exploration. Call me narrow minded, call me shallow, call me anti-science and progress. That’s what I am. Every penny spent on space exploration, war creation, military and destructive pursuits peeves me to no end. Not to forget the fact that all those unsuccesful attempts of sending probes and space mission vehicles are polluting space. I don’t care it’s infinite. We are capable of polluting anything and everything we can set our eyes and get our hands on.

Don’t care if the Red Planet is habitable. Let’s just treasure what we have.



1. Nick - 16 January 09

I totally agree. There are plenty of dreadful problems to be dealt with here on earth without wasting money on space missions. And what would happen to other planets if they were inhabited? Doubtless the same environmental destruction that’s already laying waste to our own planet.

2. Absolute Vanilla - 17 January 09

Yep, let’s not go messing up other planets until we’ve cleaned up our own act. I often wonder what alien life must think of how we do things. Well, that said, we know what Atyllah thinks!

3. Baino - 17 January 09

I’m very mixed on this one Gay. What if foreign policy in Columbus’ day didn’t allow him to range across the Atlantic? Then again, the American indegenous population wouldn’t have been put into reservations and Bush would never have been president. There, shot myself in the foot again. Humans are a virus . . we won’t last long! I think aliens, (like burglars visiting my house) have probably decided that there’s nothing worth salvaging on our little blue planet.

4. wisewebwoman - 17 January 09

And who’s to say Gaye that these planets are not already inhabited by beings we cannot comprehend? Perhaps invisible to our eyes even?
I so agree with you, the great military industrial machine drives these space explorations and we need to fix up what we have. We’re being brought to our knees no matter which way we look, it takes this to make us change. And we are changing. For the better.

5. Gaye - 17 January 09

Nick ~ True that. History would definitely repeat itself.

Vanilla ~ True that. Atyllah is one wise alient chicken.

Baino ~ You made me giggle. And, true that. Did burglars visit your house???????

WWW ~ True that. Do you think we are changing? I think a handful of people are, and the systems and industries are going full steam polluting and carbon printing to their little mean hearts’ content.


Guys I think that if Mars for instance gets to be converted into a new habitat for humans, who do you think would get to go there first? How would the first colonies be picked? I don’t think you or I would get to go. Who do we salvage? Should the party be made up of good Christians? Rich A list celebrities? Scientists? Artists? Poets? A healthy combination of all? Since aliens always pick US soil to land I guess it’s only fair a US colony should be popping over to Mars. (please sense the sarcasm here).

6. Nick - 18 January 09

On past experience, I would say the rich would get there first, declare ownership of the planet, and then sell little chunks of it for extortionate amounts to Earthlings desperate for a new life. Cynical, moi?

7. wisewebwoman - 18 January 09

The polluters are fini. Give it another year. The old ways of doing things are fini.
Community and small businesses return. Travelling huge distances is over. That includes space travel. If the obscentey wealthy want to go to Mars, let’s shoot them into space. I have a list. Bush and Cheney would be first on.

8. Gaye - 18 January 09

Nick ~ Exactly my thoughts. We have learnt to be cynical.

WWW ~ You think????? That’s a lot of positive thinking my dear. I like it but I don’t think all of them will fini in a year. I hope you are right though.

I’d add to that list a few more: current Turkish prime minister and his minions.

9. quickroute - 19 January 09

seems a shame alright that famine in africa could be solved with all they{ve spent on space programs – priorities anyone?

10. Gaye - 19 January 09

Yup warped priorities alright. Take USA for instance, crumbling health, education and social services. WIth a small portion of the space program funds they could fix so much of their stuff. Similarly all the countries that feed an army. Turkey has a huge army, people are suffering. If every country stopped military, space and nuclear pursuits and inject the money into the economy for more productivity and economic activity would we be talking about recession???
As you put it so well and simple; priorities anyone?

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