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Drug traffickers shoot down a police helicopter in Rio de Janerio 18 October 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in 1.

So they shoot down a police helicopter in the middle of the city, ok maybe not downtown but within the city limits. 12 people die, and this is the city to host Olympic games? I am baffled by the gross negligence of the selectors completely ignoring some of the selection criteria, such as safety…

Read more of this news here.

Obviously, the most useless organisations of the year award goes to 3 groups:


Nobel Prize Selection Committee

International Olympic Committee.



1. Nick - 18 October 09

I think I agree with you. The violence there does seem to be pretty extreme, with daily shoot-outs and 3,500 troops called in after the helicopter disaster. The authorities say they can “contain” the violence during major events but how much mayhem will still be going on? Other cities like London have plenty of violence too (shootings, terrorism etc) but not on that scale. As I’ve said before, the Olympics should stay in one place, the huge expense of having it in a different city each time is crazy.

2. gaye - 25 October 09

Having to prepare for the Olympics might only help a city/country deal with issues if they really try to solve the issues instead of having super mega security during the games by doing things like banning the homeless from the city, driving beggars out of the city, patrolling the streets, meaning just temporarily suspending crime and violence. That’s not real solution and a country that is not going to try to solve problems should not be handed Olympics.

3. conortje - 20 November 09

gosh – I hadn’t heard about that – yikes. By the way I work for one of those three oragnisations – but only for 4 more days 😉

4. gaye - 20 November 09

Conor, yay, you will be travelling around the world in 80 days!
Are you on facebook? You MUST add me, hehe, notice the emphasis on “must”?

5. Nick - 18 December 09

On behalf of the Blog Monitoring Board, I have to point out that this post is now two months old and some onward movement is required urgently. Otherwise heavy sanctions may apply. Your favourite nail varnish may have to be confiscated.

6. gaye - 19 December 09

LOL no kidding!
Nick you are so the best! Thanks, still trying to get motivated to keep it going. I left blogshire and have been living in facebookshire.
I will have to visit your blog and catch up on everything!

7. Nick - 19 December 09

Oh yes, I keep up with your Facebook updates so the Gaye microcosm is not entirely lost to me.

8. T - 11 February 10

I hope they shoot down as many as possible. Olympics, Smalympics. Just another waste of money. If they used all that Oldimpic money to get some great drugs over to the U.S. it would be a happier place.

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