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Uruguay Allows Gay Adoptions 10 September 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in News.

Read the brief story here.

While some are going backwards further away from acknowledgement of human rights, respect for choices in life and practice of equality, Uruguay seems to be doing just the opposite.

Well done ladies and gentlemen of Uruguay. Huge kudos.



1. Nick - 10 September 09

Quite a lot of governments are being unexpectedly radical about gay rights. The problem is that ordinary people may still be hostile to those reforms and try to sabotage them in practice. Hopefully in Uruguay the changes will bed down successfully.

2. Gaye - 11 September 09

Actually Uruguay is thought to be the most free thinking and culturally advanced countries in Latin America. I never knew this. I will be reading more on it and add Uruguay in my list of countries to see if this is the case. Apparently gay couples can also get married in Uruguay. They have passed that that one before this. Pretty cool eh?
While America is poo-pooing everybody considering itself the home of civil rights, there are small, much poorer countries actually being the home of civil rights. Go figure.
🙂 x

3. Baino - 12 September 09

Who’d have thought it. Frankly, I don’t know why Governments mess in people’s sexual lives at all. We heterosexuals would be furious if they banned us from marriage, adoption etc.

4. Gaye - 12 September 09


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