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Epitome of Poise and Style 19 September 09

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Mr and Mrs President

And that’s all I have to say about this beautiful pair.


No More Wars Please, K Thanks 7 January 09

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I don’t understand why is it that people kill in the name of God? Each in the name of their very own God. Well, I am starting my very own war, against those who take lives with the excuse that their God “said so”.

I also stopped blaming the politicians for the wars. It’s the people who do the fighting that are to be blamed. What would happen if one morning everyone with a gun, slingshot, rocket, pen, fist woke up and decided they just weren’t going to use their choice of weapons? What could a politician, an anarchist leader, a terrorist leader, a general of the armies do if people who they used like puppets the last few thousand years decided enough was enough, that they were not taking another life or encouraging or assisting in the taking of lives anymore. What could they do? They are a minority, they don’t do the fighting, they don’t send their own kids to fight (smarter than Palin in that sense), they just order it, facilitate it. It’s the regular people in the front lines doing the fighting, the killing who need to wake up, come to their senses and stop this madness. It is the people who, whether they believe in God which was imposed on them from birth or not, need to stop believing the lies that killing in the name of God is OK or killing is ok, full stop.

Innocent people dying everyday, in places in Gaza, Iraq and everyone has been disensitized to violence so much that it’s just a daily occurence. A bomb exploded in Peshawar yesterday. Where is Peshawar anyways? Brittney is fighting to get his sons back. Wow, OMG, look at her, she is trying so hard to get herself back together again. Aww, that’s wonderful. WTF is wrong with this picture? Bad news is now boring. Catastrophy is to be expected no big deal. War and invasions, bah so what’s new? People dying. Women abused and exploited. Poor getting poorer. Doesn’t matter but let’s just fight God’s war on one another.

I just saw the new version of The Day The World Stood Still. It bothers me that American movies assume every alien will pick on Americans first, will try to communicate in English in Washington DC or New York somewhere and that when it is trying to take over the world, a 20something year old hot American top scientist mamma is going help save it the last minute. Other than that it was a great watch and I must say Keanu Reeves makes a great alien dude. I would like to see the Alien Ark happening, with all the species, whatever left that is, are taken in pairs into space ships and taken far away from us, humans, so they can survive. I like the idea of the world without humans, taking over what is rightfully hers and thriving, rather than barely surviving and suffering.

I also saw part of the movie The Happening. A load of crap of a movie it is. Bad acting, bad script, bad everything. Even my curiosity to find out what the hell was happening wasn’t enough to keep watching it till the end. Waste of my precious 20 minutes, I could have spent doing something meaningful like blogging studying.

I like this song at the moment. Very much so that I share it with you. And especially the last bit, as it says people shape, then see and believe God to be what people themselves are.


God thinks all blacks are obsolete farm equipment
God thinks the Jews killed his son and must be punished
God thinks the white man is Satan
God, they know what God thinks

God thinks we should all convert to Judaism
God thinks we must all be Christians and
God thinks we should all embrace Islam
God thinks the only true religion is Hinduism

And I
I know what God thinks
God thinks you’re a waste of flesh
God prefers an Atheist

God God
God thinks all people like you are hateful
God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
Self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw a stone
And using His name for your own protection

God thinks the sun revolves around the Earth
God thinks there was something very wrong with Copernicus
God thinks abortion is murder and
God thinks everything that science gave us is wrong
God thinks women deserve it
God thinks AIDS is a form of punishment

I hate people who blame the Devil for their own shortcomings and
I hate people who thank God when things go right

And I
I know what God thinks
God thinks you’re an idiot
God prefers a heretic

God God
God thinks all people like you are hateful
God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
Self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone
And using His name for your own agenda

God is a liberal
God is a democrat
God wants you to vote republican
Never trust a man who puts his words in the mouth of god
And says it’s absolute truth
Its lies and it smells like death
It’s all in a day’s work taking money from the poor
Why do you think that God would need your dirty money
If he wanted to start a holy war?

Self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw a stone
And using His name for your own protection

God thinks puppies need to die and
God thinks babies need to drown
’cause God is neither good nor bad
God is you and me
God is Everything

Dear Mr. President, 5 November 08

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Dear Mr. President,

Here I am sitting in my lounge at home in Sydney, Australia, all choked up as I am listening to you give your first speech as the next president of the USA.

Congratulations on your post. I hope you do your best to try and keep all those promises you have made and deliver the change you have convinced us to be possible.

Best of luck, and I believe you need much of it, as there are serious challenges ahead of you as the president of the USA. I hope you get all the help you need, and I hope you prove to be an honest leader.

Please make me a believer again.

Warmest Regards,


I Can Hear the Voices, Loud and Clear 5 November 08

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Just a short post.

We don’t (and will never) have Foxtel, so I am watching the news on free-to-air Australian TV: ABC, SBS, Channels 7 and 9. (Channel 10 has Oprah Winfrey show duh!) Live results rolling in.

They just announced Democrats won in Ohio.

Hope is alive and kicking!

6am in Sydney 5 November 08

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Obama for change

I wake up sharp at 6am, after a night of dreams, tossing and turning. I can’t stay in bed.

As soon as I get up what do I do?

Wash my face?


Brush my teeth?


Brush my hair?


Put clothes on?


What do I do?

I turn on the TV and log on to follow the news and the election.

What is happening to my body?

There is a lump in my throat, butterflies in my stomach, I am so nervous and excited my breathing more shallow today. It feels like my heart doesn’t fit in my chest.

I surely can’t be the only one. If this Turkish – Australian dual citizen living in Sydney feels so emotionally involved with the imminent change in the fate of a country, how must my American friends who live there, and who are voting for change, be feeling? I am not embarrassed to feel this way, this emotionally involved, because I care.

Please please please, may the whole world celebrate tonight and tomorrow the winds of change?

I have to link this, as it is one of the most profound, inspirational speeches a politician has ever given. What a brilliant orator! Talk about goosebumps! Under normal circumstances, I don’t even listen to a speech of a politician promising a world of progress and wealth, let alone getting goosebumps and lumpy throat.

PS: I did wash my face, brush my teeth and hair, and did get dressed, but only after reading/looking at the news!

This One’s for Obama 29 October 08

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The Election of the year is happening soon, although not soon enough.

Obama for change.

Obama for a glimpse of hope, where change is past due.

Though it is too much to ask from one man to change his country,

Let alone the world…

…or carry the weight of it on his shoulders.

But ask and expect, I do.

That change can happen against all odds, like politics.

Ah, what’s life without hope anyways.

If When you are elected Mr. Obama, please do not disappoint me.

No pressure though!

Ain’t no mountain… 15 October 08

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No More

Working way too much.

Worrying about bills.

Worrying about things that may or may not happen.

Avoiding mirrors.


Impulse spending.

Wasting time with what matter not.

Negative influences by negative people.

It’s Time To

Get back into the things I love doing. (more on that in another post)

Get stuck into the assignments and more studying.

Get back into reading.

Get back into the gym, the dojang, the hard-core training.

Get the muscles out of hybernating. (after a year and a bit of autumn and winter living)

Get back into being organised.

Get the selfish me back. (I just read about it in another blog by Red)

Get in touch with good old friends and good new ones.

Get what I want whenever I want.

Get my blogs happening.

Get into photography.

Get that savings account activated.

Get the point of life and living.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That’s all, for the time being.

*walks away singing aloud*   Ain’t no mountain high enough…

I, Too, Am Free 24 August 08

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