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Conversations with Self ~ 1 5 August 09

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I published this post a while back in my linguistic blog. But since I am going to be posting Conversations with Self series, I thought to re-heat and serve it for my first post in the series. Besides, I hardly like anything I write and this one I do.

Why don’t we go get pampered today? It’s been a while. Manicure, pedicure, hair…
I am so sorry we can’t. I have to finish a translation. Deadline tonight.
Ok, not to worry. How about tomorrow night? Out with friends…
Sorry no can do. I have a proofreading to do, which I need to submit the next morning.
Seriously, you have no life!!!
Hmmm. Better save this before something goes wrong. *pause* Sorry, what were you saying?
… Nothing… I rest my case.
Are you practicing being an ugrateful self again?

Every profession has its very own pros and cons. I have always been a translator, full-time, part-time, freelance; You name it – I have done it. I worked as a consecutive interpreter also, but that’s been pretty much on and off over the years.

I love my job! For starters, if I want to, I can work in my pyjamas (I say pyjamas, you say pajamas). I don’t even have to get out of bed thanks to the laptop and mobile internet technology. Or I can sit outside and enjoy a bit of sunny Sydney winter. Even the printer is connected wirelessly. Don’t you just love technology? Wouldn’t you want to be in my shoes? Or should I say, in my slippers?

And then there is the flexible work hours. Unless it’s an urgent translation I can choose when I want to work. If I want to be a night owl I can sleep during the day and work at night. I can get up early and work in the quiet hours of the day.

A special mention has to go to the low cost of maintenance. No office so no pressure to get dressed up to impress the boss and the colleagues. No transportation costs, no waiting in traffic, no road rages, no petrol consumption.

Last but least, I learn so much while I translate. I get to experience the joy of brain overload with information on plants, cars, internet, games, finance world, a whole variety of topics. Even in the areas I have specialised, I continue to add new terms to and expand my vocabulary. I learn specific terms in a broad spectrum of topics. It’s just brilliant!

How much longer will you be on that thing?
That thing? You mean the computer? I am writing in my blog.
Which one? Ah, the new one. The translation one.
Bingo! Ok, now if you just leave me to it for a few more minutes *voice trails off*
Actually, Helen sent an e-mail, she’d like to catch up this weekend.

This weekend? Impossible, I am expecting a new project. It’s on sustainable living. How cool is that?
Someone needs to talk to YOU about “living” though…

So where was I? Ah yes, the pros of being a freelance translator. The list is not a short one, believe you me.

The cons? I seriously can’t think of one. I guess eyes could be strained for looking at the screen for many hours at a time. There is a simple remedy for that; take frequent breaks and rest your eyes. Drink plenty of water and hydrate. Easy stuff.

Ok, how about “life”?
What do you mean “life”?
You know what I mean. You don’t have a life.
Now that’s a myth.
No, it isn’t. When did you last go out with your boyfriend?
When was it last that you went out to see a movie; enjoyed it over a popcorn and a drink of your choice?
You were planning to go to the pool and swim regularly. How’s that going?
It’s winter, too cold. Ok, can I finish this post? I have to get back to translating.
Sure. Just ignore me why don’t you? I know you know I am right.
What’s up with you? Is it pre menstrual? I am just going to write the end of the post. Hang on.
… *sulk*

Geebus, that short self-rant just reminded me of a single-handedly crucial disadvantage of working as a freelance translator from home. Your best friend, the one with whom you share your life 24/7, happens to be yourself. Don’t ask why. It just happens that way, you become a translator and one day you start having conversations with self. It’s actually quite a rewarding relationship. But on a fateful day, when yourself turns against you; starts complaining and back-chatting, that’s when the going gets tough. Freelance translator’s life can prove to be difficult if the relationship with self is strained due to work load. There isn’t really much that can be done about it though. My suggestion to anyone else experiencing it, is to basically just put up with it, ignore if need be and threaten if nothing else works. And one day self might just stop complaining and claiming that you have no life.

Peh! “Translators have no life,” says self. That’s an utter and complete myth. Truth couldn’t be any further from it. I’ll prove it to you by simply putting forward myself as an example. I have a life! I have my computer, my internet connection, my blog, my blogmates, and *drum rolls* my very own virtual real-friends database. I even have a green patch, which my real-friends look after for me on my virtual real-friends database. I have just watered my purple lilly and saved two centimetersquare rain forest about half an hour ago. Thanks to my virtual real-friends database, my bad memory problem is no more a problem. They all get a virtual real-friends database message from me on their birthdays. What ever else can I ask for? I have everything I need. I am far from being greedy; the wanting to go out on picnics, to cinemas, to meet and hang out with friends, the need for pampering… None of that thanks. Unlike my.. self… I am quite self-sufficient (ha!) and happy with my life.

That will do for today. Now that a myth is completely destroyed, I’d better go back to my translation.

Tomorrow will you write about self-denial?
Hmm? *mumbles* No I told you. Have a proofreading job. Oh, and I need to hit Ebay for a bit, too.
Why, what are you buying online now?
I will check out the auctions for a new self-best-friend.
You wouldn’t! … *whimpers* would you?
Try me…


Aussie Humour 30 June 09

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Gotta love it!

Aussie Humour

Picture of the Day #1 30 January 09

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We were driving to the shops. Stopped at the lights and noticed the truck in front of us. Suddenly, both of us burst into laughter. Then laughter transformed into disbelief. Before the lights went green I took a quick picture so I could share it with peeps on my blog.

Can you find that which made us laugh so hard?picture-of-the-day

Best New Year Wish 4 January 09

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I have ever received had to be this one from RJ.

*still giggling over it*

Here’s what I have been doing these last few days:

snapshots from my NYE

Snapshots from my NYE - Dark Point Little Gibber Beach

See what I saw

See what I saw

May 2009 be the best year ever for you all!

May the mass murders cease to exist.

May the children be happy, safe and healthy.

May women take control of the universe (no offence to the lovely men out there that I know and love)

May the financial crisis not be allowed to get in the way of living, loving, feeling like a human being.

May I keep in touch a little better with everyone who has been dear to my heart.

May I make my fantasy a reality.

May Gaia thrive and not just barely survive.

May I have the opportunity of having more holidays like the one I just had in Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest.

May Primal get rid of the chipped title boxes.

May Baino and I get together over a coffee or tea.

May Megan win the fantasy football and get everything else that she needs.

May Nick and Jenny come back visit again soon!

May Vanilla stay safe and create some more magical digital imagery.

May Mr Sparrow post more of his photos.

May God Diaries enlighten me more on how it all really happened.

May Conor stay as cute and lovely.

May Annie do more traveling and blonking.

May WWW continue enjoying (and writing) the Other Side of Sixty.

May Paddy in BA succeed in the walking regimen and every other resolution he has made.

May Clare continue blogging her Excellent Adventures.

May Vacuum be filled with happiness for Mayssa.

May the Postman bring nothing but great news to Conan.

May 2009 bring me (to Oz, physically) friends and family.

2009 ~ so far so good.

Happenings #6 ~ Christmas Day 26 December 08

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Christmas day spent in a small park by the shore near the harbour.

Prawns, oysters with tequilia dressing, cheese platter, fruit, chips, cold meats, salads, more prawns.

Beers, wine, did I say beers?

A game of boules on the lawn.

Sailboats passing by.

Giggles and laughs.

Sunburn. Ouch.

Chatting in the backyard over more beer.



Edit: Yours truly the designated driver.



G & N

G & N

Happenings #5 3 December 08

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The “Happenings” series continues with its 5th instalment…

♥ Saturday morning sky which inspired the previous post.

at the lights before the M2 Motorway

at the lights before the M2 Motorway...

♥ I was about to make scrambled eggs yesterday. And this happened.

splash of love in the pan

drop of love in the pan...

♥ I daydream on a park bench, while the boobs do the studying.

these boobs were made for Cryllic

these boobs were made for...

Love – Hate – Indifferent #2 28 November 08

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Unlike my first Love-Hate-Indifferent post this one has only a couple of entries.

At the moment I love

  1. Thunderstorms, lightning, rain, grey and cool.

At the moment I hate

  1. Proofreading assignments

At the moment I am indifferent to

Nothing, well, except perhaps being indifferent.

Was I Dreaming When I Saw… 26 November 08

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This is the first time in many months I saw fuel (unleaded) under AUD$1 per litre. Less than A dollar! I couldn’t believe my eyes so I had to go around the roundabout, come back and take a picture. History is made!

Too bad I filled up two days ago for AUD$104.9. and THAT was cheap!

Stranger things have happened…

Quote of the Day #2 ~ Women 26 November 08

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Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

– Groucho Marx


Love – Hate – Indifferent #1 21 November 08

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The word of the month is LIST.

Inspired by Conor’s 200 (!) list and my real life friend Mayssa’s “love and hate” lists, I am starting my very own.

At the moment I love

  1. getting up early in the morning; it makes my day longer and allows me to get much more done.
  2. sleeping in, not really sleeping but generally lazing in bed.
  3. the rain.
  4. real smiles.
  5. people who smile a real smile especially when it lingers in the corner of their lips a little longer than it takes to say Hi, how are you?
  6. feta cheese toasted sandwich and tea in the morning.
  7. driving.
  8. drinking water and feeling the thirst quenched immediately, I can hear my body sigh in satisfaction aahhhh that was good.
  9. a big bear hug.
  10. my bum.
  11. WoW.
  12. the minty fresh feeling in my mouth after I brush my teeth.
  13. sex.
  14. learning a new word.
  15. solving the Saturday Crosaire on the Irish Times over breakfast on a Sunday.
  16. dogs in petshops; I want to take all of them home.
  17. juicy, crisp, sweet chunks of watermelon.
  18. meaningful youtube videos.
  19. especially this one: Kiwi it brings a tear to my eye.
  20. my mum during our chats on Skype, especially when she is not asking me about coming back home or having babies.
  21. all of Kings of Leon songs and their lead singer Caleb Followill’s voice. (Note: see my next musiquality post on KoL)
  22. cyberspace and blogosphere.
  23. my personal space.
  24. after a long day when I lay in bed and I hear my body sigh in satisfaction as it melts into the mattress ahhhh horizontal to the ground, thank you thank you thank you.
  25. a Korean day spa in Chatswood. One of these days…
  26. hair wash and scalp massage in the hairdresser’s inclined chair.
  27. goosebumps and that indescribable feeling that flow from my head through to my arms and down to my legs during the conditioning scalp massage. Note: almost as much as sex.
  28. quiet orgasm.
  29. writing a love and hate list.
  30. finding out there is a whole lot more I love than I originally thought.
  31. watching moves @ Gold Class on a weekday before 3pm because it’s cheaper.
  32. listening to the silence, hearing nothing and smiling.
  33. cooking delicious, divine food.
  34. The song I Will Never Love You More.
  35. fantasizing about exercising.
  36. sex
  37. pressing my palms on both sides of my face and pushing them back, looking to see how a cosmetic surgery would look on me and cracking up breaking my heart laughing the next 5 minutes.
  38. checking e-mail
  39. candles.
  40. Yummiest ice cream ever!

    Yummiest ice cream ever!

  41. feel of my skin after shower
  42. window shopping
  43. touching and smelling fruits in open fresh food markets.
  44. the thought of having a dog.
  45. the thought of having chickens in a pen in my garden and making scrambled eggs in the morning.
  46. the concepts of hope and change.
  47. singing alone
  48. making up the lyrics as I go, when singing alone
  49. re-visiting my Calvin and Hobbes books.
  50. going to work.
  51. and especially coming home from work.
  52. daydreaming when I have a moment to spare.

At the moment I hate

  1. having to get up early in the morning, although I love the fact that my days are longer and I get much more done when I do.
  2. too much talking (ads and djs entertaining themselves) on the radio, i want more music darnit.
  3. P Platers who do incredibly stupid shit on the roads, aren’t they supposed to be learning to drive still?
  4. feeling like a mean bad person, for hoping that the same P Platers wrap themselves around a tree before they hurt anyone else on the road while doing incredibly stupid shit on the roads.
  5. P platers in general.
  6. filling up the tank with petrol for two reasons: smell and cost
  7. exams, assessments, tests.
  8. fake smiles or smiles that come to an abrupt end before the smiler has turned away from the smilee, I see them everywhere, it’s not cool.
  9. waking up tired.
  10. my bum (yep, I have a love and hate relationship with it)
  11. my hair on a humid day.
  12. reading, listening to, watching the news. no news is good news…
  13. TV.
  14. reality TV.
  15. Foxtel.
  16. people who don’t, won’t, can’t say please, thank you, sorry or I love you.
  17. people who get mad at you for telling them the truth.
  18. people who get mat at you for asking them to stop doing something they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. (they are generally the same people who don’t/can’t/won’t say please, thank you, sorry)
  19. the word hate; it is so negative.
  20. getting the back of my seat kicked or pushed continuously while I am trying to watch a movie.
  21. and people chatting away at the movies, and wanting to say to them Why the fuck did you pay all that money if you weren’t going to watch it anyways?
  22. and having to ask them, politely, if they can keep their voices down a bit so I can hear and enjoy the movie. Politely, being the operative hated word here.
  23. drinking tap water.
  24. getting food stuck in my teeth at a time when I don’t have means or access to floss.
  25. having to listen to music, or rather noise, that some people call music.
  26. having to listen to the tss-chuck tss-chuck coming out of an incredibly loud mp3 player of an idiot. If I can hear the beat coming out of the headphones stuck in his ears, how loud must he be listening to it? And why don’t his ears bleed? Oh. The plugs!
  27. the fact that I have almost as many I hate‘s as I love‘s at the moment.
  28. waking up at night and having to go for a pee.
  29. having to wash the dishes after dinner.
  30. even more so, having to wash the dinner dishes the next morning.
  31. not being able to draw and paint like an artist.
  32. not being on a permanent vacation, for life, everyday, traveling.
  33. people who have not even once felt they loved anyone more than anything in the whole wide world.
  34. putting on make up, or rather, feeling like I should put make up on when we are going out.
  35. not being able to smell the natural aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated fruit and vegetable section of Woolworths and Coles.
  36. hanging underwear and socks on the line; it takes forever.
  37. carbon footprint certificate business.

At the moment I am indifferent to


That’s all. For now…