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This One’s For the Girlfriends 15 February 09

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True Love

True Love

You all know who you are.


Happenings #4 – If by the time we are 40 and haven’t found true love… 12 November 08

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There was only one memorable happening today ~ so far HA!


This is the name of my best friend from childhood. We grew up together playing volleyball.

She was my volleyball teammate from age 10.

We used to argue, laugh, scheme, gossip, giggle, cheer, scream, cry, curse, travel, play, win and lose together. We shared rooms, we won championships. We secretly got drunk together. Our families of course knew each other. Our fathers strict, over protective. She had more freedom than I have. Afterwards I got to travel more than she has. We went to the same university. We fell in and out of love almost simultaneaously each time. We’d compare notes, who did we dump today? During the tournaments away from home, we’d find boys from other teams, have immediate crushes on them then secretly meet them after a volleyball game. Mind you, just to have some lemonade and chat, nothing sinister. We’d laugh and giggle with the boys until our coach would see us and send us back to our room and punish the whole team the next day ~ thousands of sit ups, pushups, sprints, ah the fun!

I lived in Norway and Canada. She studied and lived in the USA for a while. She returned home. I didn’t.

Eventually, at some point in time, we both got married. I never approved her choice, she hasn’t approved mine. We were happy then we were unhappy. Marriage the first time didn’t work out for either of us. We didn’t have children. We vowed that if by the time we are 40 and we haven’t managed to find true love, we’d marry each other! We lost contact for a while and haven’t seen each other for over 5 years now. Just e-mails here and there.

This morning we had a Skype chat, it was so good to hear her voice. We laughed until there were tears and still giggled about the old times. It seems the jokes we used to laugh at never got old, we laughed again.

We exchanged news, both new and old. What are you doing now? Where do you live? How’s life?

She is happy. I am happy. Life’s good. So far it looks like we won’t have to marry each other. Pity and relief!

What a spectacular happening!

PS: I found photos. Will scan and post them here, at the expense of a laugh or two by blogchums. Just remember, there was no fashion sense for anyone at some point in time or another!