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Drug traffickers shoot down a police helicopter in Rio de Janerio 18 October 09

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So they shoot down a police helicopter in the middle of the city, ok maybe not downtown but within the city limits. 12 people die, and this is the city to host Olympic games? I am baffled by the gross negligence of the selectors completely ignoring some of the selection criteria, such as safety…

Read more of this news here.

Obviously, the most useless organisations of the year award goes to 3 groups:


Nobel Prize Selection Committee

International Olympic Committee.


What doesn’t kill me… 2 July 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in 1.

Well, Project P came to a dead end. Pardon the terrible pun but attempt at humour is all I got today.

I, the one forever making plans and getting excited about new projects, which never even materialise more than half the time, am even more determined now to make this one happen. The saying “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” suddenly gained a new meaning for me. I am more determined and decidedly strong about the next episode: Project P – Return of the Foetus  (ok that’s only another attempt at humour). I have only got the crushing news this afternoon and saw my new GP, whom I have actually proposed to on one knee this evening: “Will you please be my GP and guide me through the process of preparing for pregnancy, so perhaps I do it right this time”. He said: OK you have to move on now, go and buy a bottle of Folic acid, go for long walks, stop crying and have a glass of red wine tonight. Isn’t he great? So we did go and buy a bottle of folic acid right after leaving the family medical centre.

It’s tough but I am not alone, and we both really want to make it happen so… I will keep you updated.

The next few days, though, as my body deals with the whole ordeal, that is I am not looking forward to…