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Focus 18 July 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Life.

Focus is shifting, drifting, diminishing, briefly recovering, drifting. Never thought it’d be such a challenge to maintain focus on anything, big or small.

I want to be able to focus into a matter, like the rays of the sun going through the magnifying glass, all but reduced to a pinpoint of light, so intense you can start a fire only with a handful of dry leaves.

I feel like I have attention deficit disorder. Unable to keep my attention on a thought long enough to see where it is coming from, where it is going to, what I should do about it, or to determine if I need to do something about it at all. Off I go to another tangent.

Practice… but how?



1. Jenny Muir - 18 July 09

Sometimes it’s good not to focus – freewheel and see what comes up

2. Nick - 18 July 09

Jenny’s right. Just carry on freewheeling and things will come into focus when they need to.

3. Gaye - 19 July 09

thanks you two. *hugs*
i guess it’s very much like when i am awake at night, desperately trying to sleep but because i try so hard and think about it too much sleep constantly eludes me. well, used to, thankfully.

4. Absolute Vanilla - 19 July 09

Try meditating 🙂 xxx

5. Gaye - 20 July 09

ok! i used to meditate when I was training in the martial art of Hapkido. but i also used to train everyday, which meant that i was nothing but a bundle of focus…

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