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If you are buying a new car… 6 July 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Life, Movies.

Eveytime there is something significant happening in my life, which occupies a lot of time and space in my mind more than other events and issues, I find that all I see around me is that same something or similar somethings. Let me explain, when we were buying a car, all I could see was cars, there were so many of the ones we wanted to buy. When we wanted to rent a place, suddenly there were so many “For Lease” signs all over the place.

Last night we were watching TV, then put a DVD on. On TV every channel we tuned into had something to do with either pregnancy, or parenthood, or miscarriage. It was surreal. Niall pointed that out before I could and said “Wow, bebek – that’s what he calls me – will this be the theme of the month you think?” We shared a sad little giggle, snuggled upto each other closer and kept munching on pistachios, sunflower seeds and sipped cold ginger ale.

Earlier we were at the video shop and rented a couple of movies, one of which was Marley and Me. I just wanted something a bit of light fun, no depth. Started ok, a silly dog making the main characters run around. But then, she is pregnant. Yay for them. Then she goes to ultrasound, and they found out it wasn’t going to happen. At this point, we look at each other and wonder what happened to the comedy we were after. Movie goes on, they have 3 kids, they have stress, disappointments, arguments, ok so it’s a romantic-comedy-drama-real life is like this kinda plot.

At the end Marley the dog gets old, has ailings and has to be put down. Well, that was the last drop, literally we sat down there and cried while watching this movie, with actors in it, both aware it’s only a movie. And we were sure no animals were harmed during the shooting of this film.

I wish we were just buying a new car…



1. Nick - 6 July 09

That’s very common, isn’t it, that everything around us reflects what we’re thinking about? It makes grief so much more distressing, I’m sure. As you say, even something that looks quite innocent still gets to you. I guess all you can do is take the time to grieve properly, until you’re ready to move on and try again.

2. Baino - 6 July 09

So true but it didn’t take much to make me sob like a baby at the end of Marley and me I assure you. At least you have lovely Niall to snuggle up to when you’re blue. Big hugs.

3. wisewebwoman - 7 July 09

Funny that Gaye, whether we’re ultra alert or we’re just attracting similarity. Debatable. I loved the Marley book, almost afraid to see the movie as movie usually is a let down from good book.
Take care of each other.

4. Gaye - 7 July 09

Nick, thanks, I am trying. At the moment just going through physical process of pain but since I am avoiding human contact, I am not sure if I am over the crying when someone says hello how are you phase.

Baino, I can usually cry easy but I haven’t actually seen Niall cry with me watching a movie. Usually I am the fountain of tears. And yes Nialler is lovely. Thanks for the hugs hun.

WWW, Movies are usually let downs from good books. Except for one movie I have seen so far after reading the book. It is called Birdy, Author William Wharton and it was made into a movie by the same name, directed by Alan Parker. I was equally impressed by both.


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