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Expanding my vocabulary 28 June 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Random Thoughts on Stuff.
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The term of the day:

nuchal translucency scan



1. wisewebwoman - 28 June 09

OK, I’ll play.
I know what it means, but why?

2. Gaye - 28 June 09

cuz one has to

3. Nick - 28 June 09

Because it can identify Downs syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities by looking at the amount of fluid around the neck of the foetus. Carried out at 11-13 weeks. There, I’m a Wiki fan as well. No secret about this project any more, then! How exciting, a little GayĆ© about to enter the world….

4. Gaye - 28 June 09

Or little Niall hehe!

5. Jenny Muir - 29 June 09


6. Baino - 29 June 09

So I’m guessing I can congratulate you now that you’ve hit the 12 week mark! Ha! All uphill from here babycakes!

7. Gaye - 29 June 09

Thanks Jenny! It’s a bit scary because we want it to happen, so much!

Thanks Banio! I do hope so dear.


8. Absolute Vanilla - 1 July 09

Whooooohoooo! And there I’ve been suspecting something and now I know! Congratulations, honey!

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