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Project P ~ To tell or not to tell 16 June 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Life, Projects.

He: Did you tell anyone about the project?

She: Uhm, noone really, well I told only 72 percent of my workmates and my sister, mum, brother, sister-in-law and grandmother.

He: Is that all? *sense the sarcasm here*

She: No, I also wrote a bit on the blog. But only a couple of people read it so, they know.

He: So a whole bunch of people you know and the rest of the world, most of whom you don’t know.

She: I guess if you put it that way, yep.

He: *laughs* You are mental.

She: And you love it!




1. Nick - 16 June 09

And of course naturally I’ve told all my friends, relatives, old workmates, the milkman, the postman, the newsagent, the greengrocer. Apart from that, it’s a carefully guarded secret….

2. Gaye - 16 June 09

LOL Nick, thank you, I knew I could trust you :p

3. Baino - 17 June 09

Won’t be long before EVERYBODY knows!

4. conortje - 18 June 09

I’ve just posted it on our staff bulletin board here at work¬

5. wisewebwoman - 19 June 09

Oh I’m so like you Gaye, I can never keep my lip zipped, I get way over-enthusiastic on different projects on a daily basis and then go huh? when someone follows up with me a week or so later.
good luck on your project p my dear, we are all merely on a voyage to ourselves as you well know!

6. gaye - 19 June 09

Thanks Conor! I owe you one dear. :p

WWW, I am glad to hear I am not alone!

xox x 1000

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