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Project P ~ He offers her food 11 June 09

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He: Would you like bacon, eggs, sausages for breakfast?

She: Eeew, yuck, blaaargh. No thanks.

He: Oh ok.

10 minutes later:

She: Oh my god, that smells so good.

He: *sigh* ok I will add more to the pan.

Half an hour later:

She: I feel sick.


He: Pizza?

She: Eeeugh. Eeew. No.

He: *taking a bite from his pizza* Mmm this is good, sure you don’t want any?

She: Ok I will have a slice.

4 slices later:

She: I feel very sick.


He: Want me to cook something for you?

She: No I am not hungry yet.

He: Ok, let me know when you are.

She: I don’t think I will ever be.

A little later:

She: *whines* I am starving!!!!!!!!!!!

He: I asked! What would you like, I will make.

She: Nothing, I don’t feel too well.

He: But you just said… Never mind.




1. Nick - 11 June 09

Nausea? Not feeling very well? I think I have an idea now what this project is all about….

2. Gaye - 11 June 09

Do ya?

3. Baino - 12 June 09

The suspense is killing me . . .although I’m thinking along the same lines as Nick which would be good cos then we could meet and you wouldn’t worry about being fat! Hahaha!

4. Baino - 12 June 09

no no that didn’t sound right . . you know what I mean! Cheers XX

5. Gaye - 12 June 09

Heh ok.

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