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Project P etc. 4 June 09

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Those who know me whether be in real life or in blogsphere also know that I have monkey appetite when it comes to projects. I have a million of them everyday. Continuing on from my last post, I have a new project, which from now on shall be called  “Project P”. Also there are other ones, even though they are not nearly as important, that I am planning.

More on this later.

Also, having self-studied religions and not liked (not liking them is a huge understatement) any of the modern organised religions enough to follow any of them, I am taking an interest in learning about Baha’i Faith. I realised I know nothing about it and knowing nothing about something is like carrying a huge question mark over my head.

Sometimes, I feel people take my lack of faith in organised religion as an offence to their beliefs. I respect people who have faith and are simultaneously nice, gentle, caring people. I have no time for idiots who try to push me or convince me their religion is the best. But some of my best friends believe and follow the path they have chosen or which was chosen for them by birth, which is something I have no problem with.

Ok, now I have breakfast and go to work.

PS: Possible comeback to my blog and reviving it is likely. But change is inevitable.



1. Baino - 4 June 09

I respect your respect. Then I’m a kindred soul. Haven’t much time for organised religion!

2. Nick - 4 June 09

From what I gather, Baha’i is unusual in that it respects the beliefs of all other religions rather than rejecting them. I agree with you about respecting other people’s religious belief even if I don’t share it. After all, whatever you need to get you through this sometimes traumatic life – that’s fair enough.

3. Gaye - 4 June 09

I respect your respecting my respect, dear Baino. 🙂
Although I respect individuals who believe and are not hazardous to people around them, I have no time for the religious leaders, imams, priests, rabbis who assume power then use and abuse the religion organised by some other men before them. I think the only way I could ever follow a religion would be the respect and place women have in it would be in par with men… So why did God never pick a woman as a prophetess? WHY? It’s not right. It’s not fair.

Nick, I am going to learn about it and make an informed decision on what I think about Baha’i Faith. I will probably blog about it when I do. In the meantime, I still don’t harbour a great dislike for the robed men of Vatican. I have recently read the book (again) and saw the movie (on the same day of reading the book) based on the book: Angels and Demons. I can’t believe how they try to make the majority of the Vatican men look cute and cuddly, with great heads on their shoulders… Ugh.

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