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Motivated? 15 April 09

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As many will know from my neverending project ideas, I get excited quite often about different things that pop into my mind. Last year I wanted to buy a giant sized map and stick it on my wall to record on it all the places I have been around the world, few months ago I bought a drawing tablet for N to build our own little T-shirt design empire, last week I have been toying about organising a holiday house on the Mediterranean shores of Turkey in 2010 for our family and friends, next week I will contemplate having a child and make it into a gigantic project of collossal proportions, and probably next month I will think of something else to get excited about. I still have lingering thoughts on making my linguistic ramblings into a multi-lingual wonderful blog. Will it happen? Seriously, I think not.

But, to tell you the truth, out of every 100 projects I jot down every day, probably 0.5 of them ever gets to the planning then implementing stage. Why? Because I lose the motivation as soon as the first excitement period is over. Most of the time I actually forget all about the project as soon as I think it. I get distracted by something else.

It seems I can’t stay motivated enough on something no matter how excited or enthusiastic I might be about it.

I want this to change so I came up with a project. I am so excited about it!!!!! Since habits are formed by repeated actions and behaviours, why not make “continuous motivation” a habit. So all I have to do is practice following through with a project. Take it from thought realm into planning phase then implement it and see the results. If I do this long enough it will become a habit and my life will be less cluttered with wonderful ideas which never came to be realised.

That’s all for today.

I will now think about what to start with…

Me thinking

By the way, date on this photo should be something like 2007 not 2004; 2007 my first visit ever to Ireland.



1. wisewebwoman - 15 April 09

Oh but it’s so entertaining being inside our heads, Gaye. I’m exactly like you. Loads and loads of ideas and “I should patent this and that”, I’m never bored for a minute and I bet you aren’t either!!
Today, in spite of being so sick, I was designing a new type of reusable grocery bag with pockets, etc.
it never ends.
But sometimes it finishes!!

2. Gaye - 15 April 09

Oh WWW dear, I will buy your reusable grocery bag with pockets anytime!
“It never ends, but sometimes it finishes” I love it!

3. Nick - 15 April 09

I think motivation follows desire. If you want something strongly enough, that gives you the motivation to make it happen. I suppose a natural tendency for persistence can help as well. If plans come and go, that just means you’re not really serious about them, you’re just playing with ideas. But nothing wrong with that, one of those ideas might turn into something you set your heart on and then it’ll just happen.

I like the sculpture. I’ve never actually seen it.

4. Baino - 15 April 09

Oh Gaye, oh Gaye, oh Gaye . . .I am so good at ‘thinking’ of projects then never following through. It’s not the will, it’s not the way . .I’m really not sure why I don’t follow through. Although I think I have a reusable grocery bag with pockets. A nice man from Liquorland gave it to me and I use it for my grocery shopping. I once invented a sticky fishing bait that fish would tackle without a hook (well in my mind) so they were caught for dinner but without the pain . . .hmmm . .back to the drawing board perhaps . .

5. conortje - 16 April 09

I am also ridiculously easy to dist…ohh just noticed your previous blog post..

6. Gaye - 16 April 09

Nick ~ true words! Thank you for the encouragement.
The giant bronze hare statue is called The Thinker on the Rock, it’s one of the hare statues of Barry Flanagan a famous Welsh sculptor.
I love it.

Conor ~ I agree it is! So you noticed my previo… Oh, I loved meandjesus pics. Can you send me Jesus so I take a pic and send the pic and jesus back to you? 🙂

7. Quickroute - 19 April 09

Ditto! Never finish a project today that you can put off till …..oh look a beer advert on TV!

8. Absolute Vanilla - 20 April 09

Well, I’m sure if you start on the making a child project you’ll be kept busy for years.
The thing about staying motivated is passion and the passionate desire to see the idea take form and come to life. And the secret is to find the thing that inspires that passion in you.
Of course, at some point some discipline is also involved!

9. Gaye - 21 April 09

lolleronabike QR!

10. Gaye - 21 April 09

Vanilla, perhaps it’s the “excited about it but not want it enough to actually make it happen” syndrome! But you said it better than me there.

11. conortje - 21 April 09

what a good idea re jesus – I’ll have to arrange this

12. Gaye - 21 April 09

Yay Conortyey! I can send it back to you express post, if you think you can trust me with your Jesus that is. 🙂 I think it’s time you do the thing that garden gnomes do, a pic in each different country with a different blogger.

13. Nick - 26 May 09

Hey, where’s Ms Gayé got to? That secret project must be taking longer than expected. How’re you doing,sugar?

14. Gaye - 4 June 09

Hi Nick, I am here.
Busy and life’s happening. It’s all good though. Thanks so much for asking. Although I am not writing here, I am visiting my fav blogs whenever I get a chance and catching up with the going ons in my blogchums lives.

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