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Happenings #11 31 March 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings.
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I miss my mum.

I am on a detox (not alcoholic type) and half way through.

Feeling like shit (detox related).

I am playing WoW and I can’t be bothered blogging.

I do read my favourite blogs every few days.



1. Baino - 31 March 09

I miss mine too but at least yours is a plane trip away. . . Dzetox? The Lemon Detox? Not eating for a few days? . . My sweet girl, kidneys and livers are the body’s detoxers all you need to do is eat healthily and they will do the work for you. WoW . . hmph . .I understand the addiction but cannot play the game. Chin up Chicka!

2. Absolute Vanilla - 6 April 09

Awww – detoxes can work merry hell on the system while it’s clearing out. Good luck and keep going! xxx

3. Gaye - 6 April 09

Hi Nilla!
Thanks, it’s done. And I feel much better 🙂


4. Nick - 6 April 09

I don’t miss my mum. She’s extremely irritating.

5. Gaye - 11 April 09

I miss mine. She is an angel, if there has ever been one…

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