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Pope’s Solution to AIDS Problem in Africa 18 March 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Religion.

Pope Benedict XVI , who arrived on Tuesday in Cameroon for his first trip to Africa as pontiff, denounced condom use on the AIDS-ravaged continent, saying there were better ways to combat the disease.

Pope said:

AIDS “is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems”, the 81-year-old pontiff told reporters on the flight from Rome.

The solution lies in a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer”, said Benedict, who will also visit Angola during the weeklong trip.

Arriving in the Cameroonian capital Yaounde, the pope said he was bringing the “Christian message of hope”.

Read the rest of the article here.


Just dropping condoms in the the hands of the public of course will not solve the problem, but surely with proper education within the communities it would help.

Seriously, I have run out of adjectives to use for Vatican and its clowns. No matter how many letters of apology I get I am not forgiving anymore… That’s it. One can tolerate ignorance only for so long.



1. wisewebwoman - 18 March 09

I was so truly appalled at this Gaye that I could not stop my hands shaking to keyboard a blog entry on it.

This red-slippered old fool should be put out to pasture.


2. Nick - 18 March 09

Right, a spiritual and human awakening will solve the problem. And in the meantime, while everyone’s still dying?

It was discovered recently that male circumcision cuts the risk of getting HIV by around 50 per cent. I bet the Pope didn’t mention that.

3. tars harp r77aim - 18 March 09

it is unfortunat

4. Baino - 19 March 09

He should get together with the South African president who believes that good nutrition will solve the problem! What’s so scary is the influence this twat still has on particularly 3rd world populations, exactly the populations that need informed and useful help to prevent AIDS in the first place.

5. Quickroute - 19 March 09

The Pope runs his shop about as efficiently as the CEO of AIG.
As if the sex scandals hadn’t done enough damage – he seems determined to push the Catholic church back into the dark ages (probably where it belongs)

6. Primal Sneeze - 23 March 09

It’s okay. Let him say what he likes. No one is listening.

7. conortje - 26 March 09

you’re last sentence said it all. baffling!

8. Absolute Vanilla - 27 March 09

I’m not sure we want to get me started on this topic…
First off, Bains, it’s the ex South African president who advocated garlic and the African potato as the cure all for AIDS and it’s prevention… The forthcoming president elect seems to think that a shower will do the trick in the prevention of AIDS…

The Pope’s “announcement” is a travesty. It has taken years and years of hard work to even get people to use condoms because in Africa to use a condom is to demean and relinquish your manhood. Bear in mind that there are people who believe that raping babies can cure AIDS. Condoms are just not part of this way of life. So, having made huge strides to get people to use them, the Pope has neatly come along and undone years of hard work and re-education. One can’t help but wonder if the man doesn’t have some kind of Machiavellian objective.

9. Nick - 28 March 09

Changing direction a bit, I just saw a dreadful TV programme about the new trend of honour suicides in Turkey. They said men are now more likely to be jailed for honour killings, so instead of killing a woman they order the woman to kill herself. Horrific.

10. Gaye - 28 March 09

Starting with Nick’s comment ~ Nick, Turkey is on the way to being seriously fucked. The freaks that run the show want nothing more than power to rule the masses, and they do this by not encouraging education, modern and civilized living. At this day and age, there is an internet cafe, cable TV almost at every village and town. Yet, men like their power over women, and this government will not let the country go forward like it used to once. People are like sheep. No wonder I will never go back to live there. I am just worried about what would happen to my family if Turkey turned into Iran overnight. We need another Ataturk but even if there is a potential one, he/she is too afraid to front.

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