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All Things Irish 18 March 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in ireland.


It all started as an interval act during the Eurovision song contest in 1994, in Dublin.

It has transformed into The Riverdance as we know it. I went to see it in Dublin in 2006. I can’t watch or listen without the goosebumps.

Art and Music

I love the fact that you can walk into any pub and listen to great music. Gigs, concerts, art exhibitions, art films, street art and statues.

Music Network concerts in Dublin Castle were my favourite.


The Shades of Green


Baltimore (Co.Cork) Days and Nights



Mountains and “Lough”s


Homes and Castles



Aran Islands



Can’t wait to go back to Ireland and visit with the lovely people I met and spent time there.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



1. wisewebwoman - 18 March 09

Oh thanks Gaye, I know Baltimore so so well, spent oh so many of my summers there and on Sherkin.
And the Arans.
I’m off to Dub in June and then on to Paris.
I feel so blessed.

2. Nick - 18 March 09

Happy St Pat’s to you too. The trouble is that too many people here don’t spend the day celebrating Ireland’s amazing culture and scenery, they just want to get legless and create mayhem. I wish they would grow up and appreciate what’s around them a bit more. As your photos show, Ireland’s full of amazing sights and experiences.

3. Baino - 18 March 09

You know I never had any desire to visit Ireland. Love the people but the country is much like the east of England and Scotland . . until . . .I met a couple of fantastic Irishpeople, one in particular of whom I’ve become very fond. It’s definitely on the agenda now! Love your pics, you’re lucky indeed to have lived there.

4. Gaye - 31 March 09

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on lately.

Thank you for comments!


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