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Would You Believe? ~ #1 1 March 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in News.
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New laws give mistresses de facto rights

Cheating husbands will be open to divorce-style litigation from their mistresses under new laws. News Ltd says mistresses can now claim income maintenance, property and even superannuation funds under the Family Law Amendment (De Facto Financial Matters and Other Measures), dubbed the “mistress laws”, which were passed by the Senate last November and came into effect on Sunday. The main objective is to remove same-sex discrimination from the Family Court system, but they have left the door open for a raft of de facto relationship claims. The laws declare that de facto couples who satisfy basic criteria – such as being in the relationship for at least two years – will be treated in the Family Court in the same way as a married couple. It also applies to same-sex couples. The laws will change the way property is divided by enabling the court to consider the “future needs” of partners, as it does for married couples. Men or women who have a second relationship outside a marriage are now liable to legal action in the Family Court should the second partner decide he or she deserves income support or a share of assets. This is particularly the case if a child is involved.

Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/newshome/5358674

I think it’s brilliant!



1. Nick - 1 March 09

That’s a great idea. They’re well ahead of the field on that one. I’ve never even seen the issue discussed before. But yes, if it’s a stable relationship, why shouldn’t mistresses get the same rights as wives? Why should they just be ditched and forgotten about?

2. Baino - 2 March 09

Hmm . . well now there’s a safety net for ‘the other woman’. And the ‘other man’ I suppose although that doesn’t seem to happen as often!

3. Gaye - 2 March 09

Nick & Baino,

That’ll make the cheaters think twice I think. At this day and age, “the other one” won’t be intimidated to come out and say “hey what about me?”. I like it.

I do hope it applies to both “other ones” male and female. Although it doesn’t happen often, when it does happen, it should be equal rights.


4. Megan - 2 March 09


5. Gaye - 2 March 09

What? That’s it? :p

Oh go on, Megan tell me what you think about it; NOW I really, really, really, reeaaally want to know.

6. Quickroute - 3 March 09

I think it makes a lot of sense. But it will be hard to prove the two year duration given the secrecy such relationships are held in

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