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Happenings #10 ~ afk a bit 21 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings.
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but in the meantime, take care of ya’selves.

ttfn lovely blogchums.




1. Baino - 22 February 09

Ooh that’s mysterious . . I hope it’s a happy break!

2. Megan - 22 February 09

Oooh, are you goin’ somewhere? Or just busy at home? Now I’m gonna be wondering!

3. wisewebwoman - 22 February 09

You don’t mean the r, part, right? Coz that’s too immediate. Unless it’s Irish r which could mean a week or a month. How long is a Turkish r anyways?
Bring back a story.

4. Nick - 22 February 09

Hey, that’s a bit alarming. Hope everything’s okay. See you again soon.

5. Gaye - 23 February 09

Here’s a quick one!

Baino ~ It’s mostly work and study. But there is one more thing.
Megan ~ Not going anywhere, I wish!!!!
WWW ~ Heheh it is the Irish R 🙂 Turkish R is surprisingly similar to Irish one. :p
Nick ~ No, no, no sorry to cause concern, all’s ok. I just won’t be lurking in blogsphere for a bit. But I will be back.

Guys sorry if you don’t see me commenting on your blogs for a bit. I just have made a plan which I want to see through for the next few weeks. Once I am back I will catch up with everything.


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