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Finally, it has happened to me… 16 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings, Health.
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I got a cold. I am coughing and my throat is really sore. I have been fighting to keep it away from me for the last 2 weeks as the household has been coughing and generally being miserable. I was like Hah! You cannot touch me Mr. Cold. I am armed and dangerous, as I held the multi-vitamin tablet box in one hand and a glass of pomegranate juice in the other, warding him off. Don’t ask why I gave Cold male gender. Nothing personal. Anyways, I had ticklish throat but it seemed not to get worse. You will not come near me. I have been eating well and drinking lots of water.

Alas, come near me it did. Friday night work, walking in the rain and generally feeling the cold, then the next day surrounded by children at a play-centre for hours…


Cold 1 : Gaye 0



1. Nick - 16 February 09

Get well soon. Pamper yourself in the meantime. Luckily I haven’t had a cold or flu this winter, in fact I haven’t had either for years. But then I don’t spend long periods on public transport or with kids, both guaranteed to cause an infection sooner or later.

2. Baino - 16 February 09

Poor snot box! That’s why they give teachers 22 sick days each year, they’re surrounded by germ bombs. Have a hot toddy and a warm quilt and a box of Aloe Vera tissues. I haven’t had a cold for 2 years either . . .prolly my turn soon! Get well Chicka.

3. Megan - 16 February 09

Aw, I’d hug ya but I don’t want the germs!

4. wisewebwoman - 17 February 09

I’ve had two this season, only when I come in contact with the grandgirl who is a WMD all by her adorable self.
Another brews in the back of my throat. I wish I could keep my hands off the little dote.

5. Gaye - 17 February 09

Aww thanks guys!

Nick, it’s fantastic that you don’t get sick much. I remember in my late teens and early twenties, I used to live by the beach in the Mediterranean for 3 months out of a year, I never used to get cold or flu all year round.

Baino, snot box, I like that! Thank you nose is not running (yet, hope it won’t) but throat really sore and coughs hurt.

Megan, I’d hug ya too but i don’t want to give you the germs. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the thought tho.

WWW, kids, as cute and cuddly as they might be, are deadly germ carriers, that’s all I have to say about this hehe. Take care and keep Mr Cold at bay. I don’t like that brewing at the back of the throat feeling. You know it might happen anytime, like a time bomb ticking.

xoxoxo y’all!

6. Quickroute - 17 February 09

eat lots of garlic & vitamin C and you’ll be back to better in no time

7. Gaye - 17 February 09

Garlic and chilli are staple foods in our diet. I put in salads, in stews, in soups, in anything that is not sweet!
I just made chilli jam using our birds-eye chilli’s. It’s hot hot hot!
I take multi-vitamin. Thanks for the advice Quicky!

Update: Cough is still there but hurts a little less.

8. Absolute Vanilla - 17 February 09

Aw, you poor thing. I hope you get to kick Mr Cold in the pants really soon and even out the score! Take zinc – very good for building the immune system. And if you can get some stuff called Gripp Heel made by the German company Heel, that will also help.
Be better soon, honey xxx

9. Gaye - 17 February 09

Thanks Vanilla dear, I will keep an eye out on the Gripp Heel.
Because of the ticklish throat and coughing through the night I had to buy butter-menthol lozenges – well I like the taste to start with – and now they have different kinds with elder flower and zinc! And I checked the multivitamin I am using it has zinc. Yay!
The dry cough is annoying.

10. wisewebwoman - 18 February 09

Forgot to say: oil of lavender, you have to drop it in water as it is positively VILE in taste but really really helps.
I hope you’re doing better, my coughing has subsided a bit.

11. Gaye - 18 February 09

WWW – Really? I have only ever used oil of lavender in a burner, a drop on the pillow, in massage carrier oil for massage.
I shall try.
I am glad your coughing has subsided. Mine turned into a dry persistent one.

12. conortje - 18 February 09

Hope you’re feeling better already! It’s seems like everyone in NL has ben sick in the last two months.

13. Gaye - 18 February 09

I am feeling much better thank you Conor! It’s going around here as well. Superbugs, superbugs everywhere!

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