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This One’s For the Girlfriends 15 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in food, Friends.
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True Love

True Love

You all know who you are.



1. wisewebwoman - 15 February 09

Backatcha, dear Gaye, with knobs on and buttons down the middle!

2. Gaye - 15 February 09

Aww thank you WWW 🙂
I bought it yesterday and it was OMG so yummy, this was the only way I knew to share with you, take a picture then tweak on my new Photoshop Elements!

3. Absolute Vanilla - 15 February 09

I’ve just had to lick my monitor… Slurp, slurp! Thanks for thinking of me! xxx

4. Megan - 15 February 09

Boy that looks good

5. Gaye - 16 February 09

Vanilla ~ LOL! E-mail me your address I will send you a few of these creations. 🙂 xoxo

Megan ~ Not half as good as it tastes! xoxox

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