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I have this feeling… 12 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings, Life, Misc.

… that I am looking forward to something, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is that I am looking forward to.

Ever get that feeling of feeling like something but you are not so sure what it is? Does it get tiresome after a period of trying to figure it out?

What are you looking forward to?



1. Megan - 12 February 09

Oh yes, I definitely get those feelings.

But right now I happen to know that I am looking forward to April, and the Renaissance Faire.

2. wisewebwoman - 12 February 09

Oh yes, Gaye and then it becomes clearer and clearer. Right now I’m looking forward to Paris in June.
We all need this in our lives.

3. Baino - 12 February 09

GAH even WWW is going to Paris! *bangs forehead with flattened palm* Personally, I’m looking forward to Valentines day lunch with . . .sadly . . . my daughter!

4. Gaye - 12 February 09

Megs – I will have to read about the Renaissance Faire. April is a month I really used to like because it was just nearing spring. In the northern hemisphere that is. Now this has changed to something like… uhh I don’t know I like all the seasons here (perhaps except for the last couple of week’s intense heat), not that there is much of a winter.

WWW ~ Paris in June! Dreamy! I wish you a wonderful trip – I know it’s a few months yet, but I am already excited for you, how must you feel!

Baino ~ LOL, If I won a nice big lottery now I’d buy you a ticket to Paris, in a heartbeat. I know how much you want to go there.
Have a great Valentines Day, here’s a big hug!
{{{{{{{{{{ Helen }}}}}}}}}}}}}}


5. Nick - 12 February 09

I don’t get feelings like that, but I often get deja vu feelings. A person or place or situation will trigger something off in my memory but I can’t quite recall what it is. I keep worrying at it but the memory won’t come. And sometimes a person’s profile or mannerisms will remind me of someone else I hadn’t thought about for years and I wonder whatever happened to them.

6. conortje - 13 February 09

I recognise that feeling actually. Right now I’m looking forward to my three-day weekend and my big travelling adventure in September!

7. Quickroute - 13 February 09

My next beer! – I am easily excited it’s true

8. Gaye - 13 February 09

Nick ~ Deja vu is something I haven’t experienced recently, although I used to have very powerful ones. Does the memory eventually come or do you get distracted and move on?

Conor ~ Oo will you drop by (well, noone just drops by you have to make the effort to come down to hehe) to Oz too?

Quicky ~ No man better than the one who is easily excitable!

9. Nick - 14 February 09

No, I get distracted and move on. It’s getting to the point where I’ll soon have deja vu of deja vu, he he.

10. Gaye - 14 February 09

How disconcerting would it be to have deja vu or deja vu! Oh dear!

11. Absolute Vanilla - 15 February 09

Yep, often – I just go with the flow and see what happens – usually nothing! 😉

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