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What Happens When Fundamentalists Win an Election ~ A sour memory 10 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Religion.
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I was walking to my bus stop, downtown Ankara. I have just got out of my lectures at uni and was going home. That same day there were the election results for municipality elections in metropolitan Ankara. Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won, the first time ever. Melih Gokcek was now going to be the metropolitan municipality mayor. Now Justice and Development Party is about anything but justice and development. It was made up of another ex-fundamentalist party anyways.

As I was walking down the street one of the two women who were just passing by spat at my feet. She said I was going to hell and that their time has come now. That I should beware. That I should repent and turn to God or I would be punished. I was not turned away from organised religion (a.k.a. organised crime) at that point, I believed the same God these two women believe created us and all was good.

But I was shocked and apalled by this treatment. I was wearing my jeans and t-shirt, like any normal university student. These women were in their black garment, covered from face to feet.

That day I began to think. I began to think what gave these women the power to treat me in the way they did? I have never spat at someone or shouted at them or insulted them or threatened them because they were wearing those garments or for attending to mosques. I have not thought they should die and go to hell. I have not abused anyone for believing in God.

Then years later it occured to me, this is not the same for those who act in the name of God. Muslim or Christian or Jewish, the fundamentalists are scary. Regular people who go about their daily lives are not committed to hurting other people in any way, but once these fundamentalists are in charge, all hell breaks loose because they are carrying out the orders of some God they have invented to start with. They went and carried out crusades, jehads, put women down as second grade creatures, they abused and exploited people in the name of their God. They have destroyed lives and for what? God.

When I say I am not following organised religions I am immediately labeled as a non-believer. Yes, I am a non-believer of anything that causes suffering and pain to unsuspecting individuals.

Because I believe that if God exists the way they believe, all knowing, all seeing and all so powerful, I am sure he/she wouldn’t want them to do these horrible things against each other, people from other religions or non-religious people, or homosexuals or women, or any other group of human beings that they feel they need to discriminate against, because they are different.

My God is about change, my God is about not hurting one another (Proposition 8 for instance hurts many people) physically or abusing them emotionally.

What I am saying is, all those fundamentalist pricks are safe when, what they call “non-religious” people are in government and in control, but nobody is safe from emotional or physical abuse and harm at places where they are in charge.

A religion where God is called in male gender as default is not worth following because it is obviously written by men for men.

Take it as you will.



1. wisewebwoman - 10 February 09

Powerful post, Gaye, put me in mind of mine a while back!:


2. Gaye - 10 February 09

I remember that post WWW, it was thought provoking. It’s not like I haven’t thought long and hard over these issues. It pisses me off when people are so shallow to think God is a simple book penned down by men and that the rules are not to change and evolve as human beings evolve. If anything they bend and twist the rules to suit their own agendas. @#)($&#@$!

3. Nick - 11 February 09

As you say, what gives people the right to spit or shout at other people whose behaviour they object to? And if God created human beings, and those human beings invented jeans and t-shirts, then God must approve of jeans and t-shirts. Problem solved.

The illogical, contradictory and simplistic thinking of people like that never ceases to amaze me.

4. Gaye - 11 February 09

Nick ~ Spitting and shouting, I got away with it easily. On the same day in another suburb some men have slashed bare legs of some girls with razor blades, because they were wearing mini-skirts. On the same day, the fundamentalists gathered and shouted in Arabic (our language is Turkish and not Arabic) Allah is One and Only. And that their day has come.
Then, there were talks that men and women were not going to be able to get on the same buses anymore. Women on women-only buses and men on men-only buses. There was a huge protest and they didn’t do that one. Phew!
So yea, it’s not just spitting and shouting, I got the easy end of the stick. And I was devastated still that this would happen in my own country.

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