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Devastating Fires in Victoria 8 February 09

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25 confirmed dead in the bushfires in Victoria. Towns of Kinglake, Kinglake West, Wandong, St Andrews, Humevale, Arthurs Creek and Bendigo. Firefighters have been unable to get into the fire zones so it’s impossible to say how many more are dead. I read that many were trapped in their cars trying to escape the flames.

It’s a tough time for the Victorians. My thoughts are with those who are injured, have lost their lives or the lives of their loved ones. My heart goes out to everyone out there whose houses are in the danger zone. I send positive energies to the firefighters and wish for their safety as they fight against the scorching wrath of nature.


Apparently, the weather conditions, which are hot, dry and windy, won’t be changing anytime soon.

Check out the bushfire hazard map for Australia:

Australian bushfire hazard map

Australian bushfire hazard map

UPDATE: Where the fires are burning.

UPDATE: Please read Baino’s Post Arson is an Act of Terrorism.



1. Baino - 8 February 09

It’s awful isn’t it? Words can’t describe this . . Many people leave it too late to abandon ship but it happened during the night and there are only two roads out of Kinglake. I remember five years ago when fires were ravaging Dural and Glenorie, my sister picked up sticks when helecopters began dipping into the dam next door and stayed with us for 2 days just in case. A very wise move. Gaye, what’s worse is that Firefighters suspect a number of these fires were deliberately lit. . .burning in the fires of hell is too good for these arsonists! They’re murderers.

2. Gaye - 8 February 09

Good move instead. You know we have so much stuff we are attached to, are our precious things, I guess people wait till the last minute trying to decide what to take with them, or to leave at all, hoping it just won’t reach that far. Nothing is more precious than life as belongings won’t mean anything after death. So, good move by your sis.

Arsonists… Although I am totally against violence, part of me likes to see an arsonist’s body part char. It could be the hand, the foot, the ear. Something that will burn him/her slowly and cause agonising pain. That sounds horrible doesn’t it? Not as horrible as the pain and terror suffered by a family trapped in a car in the flames, before dying a horrible death. 😦

3. wisewebwoman - 8 February 09

I was reading of this Gaye, it is very, very frightening. they say the danger areas are dry like tinder.
I hope you’re safe where you are!

4. Gaye - 8 February 09

Yes WWW, very frightening. On Friday night on the way home, I got on the highway and smoke was very strong. I heard that there was a bushfire in Lane Cove. It’s popping here and there, a few weeks ago there was one in Killara. Because there are so many national parks and forest areas in and around Sydney, it’s possible to have fires near us. Like Baino said, there was fire around Dural area and that is also near residential areas.
We are safe, thank you.

5. Nick - 8 February 09

The destruction is appalling. The way people were overtaken by fire as they tried to escape, entire families incinerated in their cars. And the whole of Marysville burnt to the ground. I hope anyone who can identify one of the arsonists does the responsible thing and turns them in.

6. Gaye - 8 February 09

Yes, Nick it’s terrible, horrific. Death toll as of tonight is 84 but they suspect the number is likely to go over 100 easily. It’s a terrible loss of lives and rural communities. There are 60 fires simultaneously burning, firefighters stretched thin, army getting the word to go help.

And right after the update on that we listened to the update on the floods in Queensland. People over there are devastated, too, except this time it’s not fire but water. What’s next? Earthquakes? Geebus.

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