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California Proposition 8 – a.k.a ignorance and backward thinking. 8 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Humanity, World Affairs.
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I was visiting WWW’s blog The Other Side of Sixty and read this post on passing of Proposition 8 in California, USA, the land of the free (!). Why go backwards instead of looking ahead and improving the lives of people, why upset so many couples and families? Why even argue on this?

Here’s a bit of Wikipedia info on Proposition 8.

It’s just wrong.



1. wisewebwoman - 8 February 09

I’m baffled at the controversy generated by my post, Gaye. What on earth is wrong with the concept of love and respect for all?

2. Baino - 8 February 09

Old news Gaye. What do you expect from a right wing administration. We don’t allow gay marriage here either! Much to our shame . .I couldn’t agree more with WWW about the obsession with people’s personal lives over ‘real’ political issues.

3. Gaye - 8 February 09

WWW ~ I don’t know. I guess their point of view is along the lines of:
We are all equal but I am a bit more equal than you.
We all have freedom of speech and rights, but I have a bit more freedom of speech and rights than you.
Nothing more.
Ignorance my dear, it’s called ignorance, racism, and discrimination.

Baino ~ I know sweets, I know it’s all news but we all need not to be desentisized because that’s the way it is. I am actually really apalled that in a country where we hold second biggest if not the biggest mardi-gras, with a huge number of gay people, we still have not opened our eyes to the love and respect, especially respect for personal and private choices in life.
Because the politicians are doing their best to divert attention from the real political issues by making the stupidest decisions against basic human rights. The right to choose who to get married to, and access to family court and other benefits.

4. Nick - 8 February 09

I can’t understand why people get so incensed over things that are doing them personally no harm whatever. Who exactly does gay marriage threaten? This hysterical, rabid persecution of those who are different is frightening.

5. Gaye - 8 February 09

That’s exactly right Nick, what harm does it bring to anyone when two people of the same sex fall in love and want to make a committment in marriage to each other, at this day and age when so many people suffer from committment-fobia. I think it’s wonderful, same sex, opposite sex what does it matter.
It is frightening indeed.

6. Megan - 9 February 09

It makes me sick to my stomach that this thing passed. But there are groups of very dedicated people working to overturn it.

Keep your fingers crossed.

7. Peter - 10 February 09

I have long observed how people without religious convictions feel that those who desire traditional (“non progressive”) values are ignorant. I submit that those who feel this way are closed minded. These are people who feel that if others cannot measure what they know, then it is not valid. I know many things that I cannot prove. Truth is not necessarily measurable by scientific standards. This is not to say that science is false since anything observed must exist. Since many of my convictions cannot be proved, it is easy for others to deride my values and call me ignorant and thus my values become socially unacceptable. The person with the most proof wins.

8. Nick - 10 February 09

Peter – Personally, I’m not saying that other people are ignorant. I’m only saying that I can’t see any harm in same-sex marriages and I don’t understand why there’s such a fuss about it.

9. Quickroute - 10 February 09

still don’t know how it passed but i think the libs focus was elsewhere on getting Obama in – unfortunately they ndropped the ball

10. Gaye - 10 February 09

Peter, what are you saying? God doesn’t want two men or two women to get married and have a family, live happily, have children (adopt, sprem donation, whatever way), so good people of California voted to do God’s will? You need to be a little more specific.
I am convinced that people who voted for Proposition 8 are ignorant. They ignore the basic rights of human beings and they discriminate against gay people. That’s what I am saying. Tell me what you think about homosexuality Peter. What do YOU think about it?
About God, I believe in what I believe, it’s none of your or anyone’s business. I don’t go around destroying people’s lives in the name of God, however.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day.

11. Gaye - 10 February 09

Nick ~ You don’t think they are ignorant? I am surprised.

12. Gaye - 10 February 09

Quickroute ~ If it was up to the good people doing God’s business, there would be gay hunts like the witch hunts in the old days. Homosexuals would be driven out of the villages, towns, to protect the innocent and they would be burnt on stakes to bring an end to this horrible thing. Because there are laws preventing people from doing this, they hurt gay people the best way they can. Take away their right to make a committment to each other in love, in marriage, in family law. Take away their right to be a family. This is so sad.

13. Gaye - 10 February 09

PS: I was in awe of California and its laws in this. I keep saying in Australia (well anywhere in the world) this basic right to form a family regardless of sexual orientation should be recognised. And then I hear California passes this Proposition. Talk about disappointment.

14. wisewebwoman - 10 February 09

There’s an award for you over at my place.

15. Gaye - 10 February 09

Megan ~ Sorry I missed yours there. I know there are wonderful people who respect one another regardless of their differences. I am just really surprised and well, shocked really that a state I have respected so much would vote for such a horrid practice. I always said every country and state should follow the footsteps of California. Now I am not so sure. I will cross my fingers for you guys overturning this stupid Proposition.

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