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Happenings #9 ~ Me Me Day 5 February 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings.


I got my hair done, colour – cut – style the whole lot. I felt oh so pretty.


All unwanted hair gone. A little pain here and there. But I feel oh so good.


Dark red toe nails. Almost transparent, pinkish finger nails. Feet and hands grateful.

This was a GREAT day!



1. Nick - 6 February 09

We guys just don’t appreciate these pampering days you girlies go in for. I just don’t spoil myself enough. Even if I’m relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine, at the back of my mind is that domestic chore I should have dealt with….

2. Baino - 6 February 09

Aww. I have 2 vouchers for a massage and pedicure that I haven’t redeemed yet. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day, at least it’ll be cool indoors!

3. Absolute Vanilla - 6 February 09

Oh what a girl! 😉 There’s a little something for you over at my place xxx

4. Gaye - 6 February 09

Nick ~ Whatever makes you happy and relaxed. No competition there. 🙂

Baino ~ Use it girlfriend, it’s amazing. Vouchers = Free. Pamper was Niall’s present so, yah, it’s GREAT!

AV ~ Be there in a sec. 🙂

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