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Picture of the Day #1 30 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Picture of the Day.

We were driving to the shops. Stopped at the lights and noticed the truck in front of us. Suddenly, both of us burst into laughter. Then laughter transformed into disbelief. Before the lights went green I took a quick picture so I could share it with peeps on my blog.

Can you find that which made us laugh so hard?picture-of-the-day



1. Nick - 31 January 09

Well, apart from sex god obviously, the guaranteed overnight delivery sounds promising if you’re desperate to have a baby….

2. Gaye - 31 January 09

Hah! Yes, Nick that was the funniest part!

Also, they spelled Express as Xpress so the acronym would work out to be Sex.
We couldn’t believe it “because” it was a business that was allowing/promoting this on the truck.

3. wisewebwoman - 31 January 09

There’s a cot in there too to make it more comfortable!

4. Gaye - 31 January 09

Loller! I didn’t notice and make a connection with that one. Thanks WWW 🙂

5. Baino - 1 February 09

Haha . . were you tempted to overtake just to see if he was indeed a Sex God? I would have been!

6. Gaye - 2 February 09

Well, he couldn’t have been. HEHE 😉

7. Absolute Vanilla - 3 February 09

Overnight transport lands you with (or in) a cot. Yep, bad acronymic planning there! 🙂

8. Gaye - 3 February 09

Hehe yes. Still can’t get over the whole sex god thing. If it was, err, I don’t know adult products company truck I can understand perhaps. Someone thought it would be funny, or interesting I guess.
I am in the half mind to call the company and ask.

9. Quickroute - 3 February 09

sex & god & why wasn’t it night time?

10. Gaye - 4 February 09

Are you asking why wasn’t it night time, because it said “overnight delivery”??? Beats me. Perhaps I can ask when I call them about the Sex God claim on their truck.

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