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School’s back on, and so is traffic. 29 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Grumpy Pants.
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I remember saying something along the lines of, “I can’t wait for the school holidays to be over”. Well, that was a dumb thing to say. School holidays are over and traffic is mad. I forgot how bad it can get in the morning and afternoon rush-hours in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Especially on the routes with not many alternatives.

Teleportation technology is way past-due.



1. Baino - 29 January 09

You’re not wrong! I literally work 10 minutes from home but it takes me a good 35 to get to Castle Hill by 8:30am and even longer to get home at 6pm! . . .Why are we so inflexible when it comes to working hours? Let me know when you find the Teleporter and I’ll share my schematics for a Tardis.

2. Nick - 29 January 09

Just the same here in Belfast. As soon as the schools go back, virtual gridlock. If working hours could be more flexible, if kids could travel to school in groups or by bike – but people are too set in their ways.

3. Gaye - 30 January 09

Baino ~ WoW 35 mins for 10 min trip. And even longer to come back home. I think flexible work hours would be perfect. It would be difficult for shops and some other work places like banks etc. But for jobs that can be done anytime of the day, there should be flexibility. Re. the teleporter Tardis exchange, you’re on!

Nick ~ I think kids are spoilt senseless, with parents in their huge 4WD’s with one kid at the back, driving everywhere even for 10 min walk distance. Bah!

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