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Happenings #8 ~ Random thoughts 24 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings.

Barack Obama president of the USA.

Good luck Mr. President!

His speech was inspiring, his messages profound and clear.

There are losers who hope to see him fail. Some his own countrymen! Why?

I know why. They are nervous. Scared.


Heath Ledger wins cinema awards, nominations for dying young.

It surely can’t be for his annoying clown role in the action movie Dark Knight.


War criminal gets away with it all.

Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from his hand?


It’s too hot.

Not that I am complaining. Besides it’s much cooler tonight.


I almost brought home a kitten the other day.

Then thought better of it and it didn’t happen.


Government announced the new “Licence to Breed Law”.

Wishful thinking happened.

Some people should not be allowed to have kids.



1. wisewebwoman - 25 January 09

Which war criminal, Gaye?
You mean the Dim Decider? Or the Israeli Hitler?
There are so many.

2. Gaye - 25 January 09

I was leaving it to the readers. 🙂
There are too many.

3. Baino - 25 January 09

Frankly I think George Bush is among them. Nice that the weather’s cooled down though, some relief from yesterday and I actually watched Dark Knight again this week . . good performance but can’t help thinking that he’d probably not even have received a nomination had he not died. Licence to Breed Law? Where did you hear that?

4. Gaye - 25 January 09

Frankly, he was the first that came to mind but I didn’t say it out loud although who wouldn’t think it?
Dark Night – his performance irritated me, annoyed to the point of wanting to leave the cinema. The licking of the lips, the hair flick, everything was annoying. Wasn’t scary, wasn’t impressive. I actually thought Jack Nicholson was much better.
I didn’t hear it. I said wishful thinking happened. I was thinking and wishing there were a law as such.

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