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Definition of the Day #1 ~ Yobbo 19 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Grumpy Pants.
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From Urban Dictionary which I like reading. Why did I pick the word Yobbo? Because I have been seeing lots of them lately, in their utes on the roads, speeding, no indicating (god forbid), tssschuk tsschuk all you can hear from the wound down windows. They get upset if you are driving at the speed limit and they try to teach you a lesson by tail-gating and then passing at a moment of opening, causing you to hit the brakes. UTES and YOBBOS, hand in hand, ruining my peaceful day. I don’t agree with all the definitions down there, but it sure was entertaining, reading what people think a yobbo is.

1. Yobbo 116 up, 14 down love ithate it
An Australian lout, the close cousin of the bogan. Much like American white trash or lummox. Their habitats usually are with female yobbos, known as Shelias and large canines usually a bull terrier breed. Often has automated transport of a ute kind
“Here is a good example of a Yobbo”
2. Yobbo 82 up, 17 down love ithate it
A loud, inconsiderate person, usually found in groups for self preservation. Sometimes prone to violence,always found with beer and cheap smokes. Usually smell.
The “hill” at any football match of any code is the usual haunt of the Yobbo.
3. yobbo 68 up, 16 down love ithate it
a stereotypical aussie. beer in one hand, meat pie in the other.generally drive crappy old holdens and have a dozen mullet clad kids following them. by-products of alcoholic fathers.
“i’m a bloke, im a yobbo, me best mates name is robbo, winfield is me cigarette, i dress in flanalette”
4. yobbo 35 up, 12 down love ithate it
A true-blue bloody australian. One who sits on his arse and drinks a stubby while watching the footy and eating a beef pie (eg. four n twenty) Also a close relative of the “westy” or “wu-tanger”, although more proud of their aussie heritage
“oi bruz, look at that cunt walking round in his nike tracks and his trademark hat, there’s a bloody yobbo”
5. yobbo love ithate it
A person with no class,no fashion sense eg wear thongs,cheap t-shirts etc,stink like shit,loud,swears alot & usually drives crappy old modelled fords and holdens.
Thats my definition of a yobbo. Don’t flame.
6. yobbo 17 up, 27 down love ithate it
Usually found in drunken violent groups persecuting others of a different racial background i.e. Cronulla. Highly cultural with their stubby holders, thongs and the beloved footy shorts. Typically their ancestors were deported to Australia as convicts. They are the most racist percentile of the Australian population, the most hypocritical as they define WOGs as liars and thieves. Little do they understand that this country was founded by their ancestors over 200 years ago, a bunch of dirty thieves.
Yobbo: Go home Stupid WOG
WOG: sure thing convict
Yobbo: I was born here stupid
WOG: So was I, but my grand parents came here of their own free will
Yobbo: uh shut up
7. yobbo 45 up, 64 down love ithate it
Yobbos are legends, thorough champions! They’re the funny cunts at the footy who make all the classic funny comments, or yell abuse at the umpires, and are there for other people’s entertainment!

Let’s admit it; life without Yobbos is.. um… SHIT!!!

The funny cunts at Footy Park, Home of the Mighty Adelaide Crows, who sing…
“I’ve got the wings of sparrow,
the arse of a Crow.
I’ll fly over Melbourne tomorrow;

Or the Pommy Gits who sang “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” at the Rugby World Cup last year. (BTW, ENGLAND SUCKS COCK!!!)

8. yobbo 13 up, 33 down love ithate it
Yobbo, it can be used as a “nick” name for a “real auzzie man.”
Or your name could be robbo, and your last name starts with a y. This is an example of a fluke!
Hey “yobbo” how are ya! Shooting any “roo’s” lately??
Yobbo my man! How’s life?
Geez, that’s a big YOBBO!
9. yobbo 10 up, 36 down love ithate it
A yobbo is someone with a bush australian back groud and bad tast. Or from a poorer white australian background.
a yobbo is steve erwin(the shorts give it away!)or slim dusty.


1. Baino - 19 January 09

Ha! Know exactly what you mean re the utes. When we go on country trips we ‘grade’ the yobbo utes. Extra points for: Roo lights, very long bendy arials, huge mud flaps, bull bars even better ‘bull horns’ and if there’s a pig dog and/or a dead pig in the back . . they win!

2. Nick - 19 January 09

Plenty of them here in Norn Iron too. Similar tatty clothes, tatty autos, junk food and cheap alcohol. Though the anarchic drivers can be any age up to 100. Jenny’s little trick with high-speed tailgaters is to brake suddenly and give them a heart attack. I don’t dare try it myself, I’m too afraid the idiot will plough straight into me.

3. Gaye - 20 January 09

Baino and Nick ~ I think my very own headache inducing yobbos are the urban yobbos. The ones driving modified, chipped latest model fully sick utes (holden and ford). They somehow either have the money or are sacrificing from other social pursuits like arts, music or other respectable social activities to pay the ute off. Wouldn’t sacrifice their alcohol. Also they do not hold women in high regard either. Either way they suck big time, they drive like they own the road and although I am not violent in nature, sometimes I wish they’d one by one wrap themselves around a pole whilst doing the stupid stuff they do.
URBAN YOBBOS are not going to be extinct in a hurry and they are the most dangerous kind, besides the PSYCHO P PLATERS.

4. ernest de cugnac - 20 January 09

Loved the definitions. I am clearly from another planet (no doubt Mars) because I have not come across UTE before. Good word!

5. Gaye - 20 January 09

Ernest ~ Thank you, I have never heard this word until I came to Australia. Now I am familiar with utes, yobbos, sheilas (a term only used by the yobbos in modern times) and all sorts of other things. Oh and also the term “wog” was mind boggling for a while because it is used as a derogatory term by some, simultaneously it is a term European immigrants use to identify themselves. Colourful culture, with its odd sorts and I am fond of it, generally speaking.

6. wisewebwoman - 20 January 09

Oh Gaye you mean “FWADS” in my lingo, yeah they drive the same, and always manage extreme multi-tasking in their vehicles. Hanging out of windows, shouting abuse, dangling beer bottles, spitting, cell phone yee-hawing, cigarette flicking, and my very, very favourite of all : watching porn on their personal dashboard DVD players.

7. Gaye - 20 January 09

WWW: Every country has them in one form or another I guess; the term differs. I saw a female Yobbo today, she was doing the sitting way back and driving with the one hand over the wheel thing like the guys do. I am officially naming them “Yobbette”s. :p


8. Nick - 20 January 09

Yobbettes? Maybe what we call here laddettes.

9. quickroute - 21 January 09

Trust me – they’re not just in your neck of the woods!

10. Gaye - 21 January 09

Nick ~ as in lads and laddettes? but what’s wrong with the lads?

QR ~ I trust you!

11. wisewebwoman - 22 January 09

OMG, Gaye, Yes! And please don’t tell your Yobbos they could be adding to their CVs with this refinement.
And you can imagine how extreme the porn is, we’re not talking delicate erotica.
Where are the cops these days?

12. Gaye - 22 January 09

WWW ~ Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww. Can’t thank you enough for the info you shared with me on this.
Cops? Dunno.

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