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Photography #3 – Oz Random 14 January 09

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Little Gibber Beach @ Hawks Nest

Dark Point - Little Gibber Dunes @ Hawks Nest

Little Gibber @ Hawks Nest

Dark Point - Little Gibber Beach @ Hawks Nest

Another sunny day @ Milson's Point, Sydney

Another sunny day @ Milson’s Point, Sydney

NOTE TO PRIMAL: HELP PLS! How can I format the photos so that they are clickable and people can see the larger/original size in another window? I somehow lost that setting and don’t know how to get it back!



1. wisewebwoman - 14 January 09

The sand is so white, Gaye!
And I also love the view of Sydney under the bridge. Well done!

2. Megan - 14 January 09

Verrrry nice, G! More please!

3. Nick - 14 January 09

What we don’t see in the Milson’s Point pic is of course that giant surrealistic face at the entrance to the Luna Park funfair – the one that gave you and Jenny the heebie-jeebies! Note to the curious – just enter Luna Park Sydney on google images.

The Hawks Nest pics are amazing.

4. Gaye - 14 January 09

WWW, it was so white and fine, we could not believe it. And it stretched out in both directions. We walked at least 2km from the road to the beach. Surreal really. We want to go back, next time we have a few days off, though not likely till next summer 😦
That is awesome view. What’s a better view is when you are swimming in the salt water pool, looking up at the harbour bridge and blue skies above. The pool was just to my left as I took this photo. There are indoor chlorine and outdoor salt water pools.

Megan, I will take more for sure. The bridge shot was from my mobile phone. The other two are my crappy Kodak. Seriously, with a good camera I think I could take reeaaally good pics.

Nick, ha ha true. That face creeps me out and it’s way too scary to be put at the entrance of an entertainment/amusement park. Yeesh.
Hawks Nest was truly magical. Can’t wait to go again.

xoxo all.

5. Absolute Vanilla - 15 January 09

Gorgeous pics. More please!
Sorry can’t help re the pic settings, don’t have a clue about wordpress!

6. Baino - 17 January 09

Can’t help with the pics either. Blogger allows you to upload pics around the 500k mark but that’s all and click and view is automatic. I’ve been on that Circular Quay, Balmain, Milsons, Pyrmont Ferry more times than not over the past 2 weeks and never tire of the view, it’s gorgeous. And well . . you know I love Hawks Nest. Beautiful. Such a shame we’re so famous for Bondi!

7. Gaye - 18 January 09

AV ~ I really do need a nice camera. It’s really tiring when you use a crappy Kodak digital and a mobile phone. Seriously, it’s on my to buy list (when/if I have more cash)

Baino ~ Hah yea I am following your adventures with the Paduan. 🙂 Fun was had despite the sore ankles, legs. Bondi is SO overrated. There are many hidden and not so hidden gems. Just along the stretch of the road that turns left from the end of the road from Tea Gardens, going up north, there are so many beaches but I guess the dunes are providing a bit of a natural protection against overcrowding. Instead people are using Jimmy’s Beach. Close, showers, a bit more tame waters. Hole in the Wall was an awesome beach. That’s where we saw the dolphins and one of them split from the pod to surf the waves near the shore, where we were swimming 10 minutes prior.

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