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Magnificient 13 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Australia, Photography.
My island home

My island home



1. Baino - 13 January 09

I always thought our island continent looks a bit like a Scottish terrier turning a corner, WA its head and far north Qld its tail . . then perhaps that’s just me!

2. Gaye - 13 January 09

WA the giant head. Now that you said it, I can see it too! This could very much be part of a psychosomatic test!
When you look at this picture what do you see?

3. Megan - 13 January 09

I see a place I’d like to visit someday…

4. Gaye - 13 January 09

Hey Megs, deadly! Great to hear that. Hope that someday I am still here heheh!

5. Megan - 13 January 09

I hope so too!

6. Nick - 13 January 09

Goodness, how did the rest of the world get liquidated? It looks a bit like a rhino to me, with that long pointy bit at the top. With her legs tucked up underneath.

7. Gaye - 13 January 09

You can see a bit to the north of it and the rest is on the other side. But what matters the most is of course Oz! Muhah.
Rhino eh? I will have to consult MY psychiatrist for you and Baino on this one. See what she will say.

8. Nick - 13 January 09

Can’t wait. She’ll tell me my brain is even more tangled than I thought.

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