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Tonight I was finally reunited with my long lost love 12 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Life.

Soup and Salad. Oh yes!



1. wisewebwoman - 13 January 09

Oh you got me Gaye, you really did. I was expecting this swept off into the sunset story with Niall gently weeping in the background and I get salad???!!!

2. quickroute - 13 January 09

Got me too! – I thought we were in for a ton of gossip :-((

3. Gaye - 13 January 09

Oups sorry guys, I will try my best next time. 🙂
But the soup I made, spicy, tomato, mmmmmmmmm. And salad was divine. Seriously, I used to make this combination a lot in the past, I loved it so much. Then somehow I got out of the habit.
It was just as romantic as being reunited with a long lost love (i.e. a person) I promise. The yearning, the anticipation, the excitement, the joy, followed by satisfaction and contentedness. Well? 🙂

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