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Happenings #7 ~ A song in my head 9 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings.

I don’t know the lyrics, I can’t even hum it to anyone to find out what it is called or who sings it. The song in my head keeps going and going, no matter what else I listen to it doesn’t go away. It won’t go away.



1. Megan - 9 January 09

Oh, I know.

2. conortje - 9 January 09

It’s at the tip of my tongue…wait… no it’s gone. Sorry! 🙂

3. Gaye - 9 January 09

Megan ~ Don’t tell me. It’s gone.

Conor ~ Meany!

4. Baino - 10 January 09

Just think of the Chicken Song, that’ll knock any old song out of your head . . .or anything by Abba . . .there, now you have a new song! *runs and hides*

5. Gaye - 10 January 09

Yeesh thanks! It seems I have nothing but mean blogchums. :p

6. wisewebwoman - 11 January 09

Oh those ear worms get so stuck in my head too at times Gaye. “Row row row your boat” seems to get rid of them if sung very loudly. Be sure to be alone and not on a busy bus. ha-ha.

7. Gaye - 11 January 09

Third day. Still there. Neither row row row your boat nor chicken song, nor Abba songs helped. It’s still there and annoying the crap out of me.
WWW, I did whilst driving. Still no use.

8. Megan - 13 January 09

I can’t help wanting to know what it is. At my own peril!

9. Gaye - 13 January 09

Well it’s gone now, and I was even stoopid enough to try and remember it but couldn’t. And boy am I glad that I couldn’t.

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