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Best New Year Wish 4 January 09

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Holiday, Land Down Under.
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I have ever received had to be this one from RJ.

*still giggling over it*

Here’s what I have been doing these last few days:

snapshots from my NYE

Snapshots from my NYE - Dark Point Little Gibber Beach

See what I saw

See what I saw

May 2009 be the best year ever for you all!

May the mass murders cease to exist.

May the children be happy, safe and healthy.

May women take control of the universe (no offence to the lovely men out there that I know and love)

May the financial crisis not be allowed to get in the way of living, loving, feeling like a human being.

May I keep in touch a little better with everyone who has been dear to my heart.

May I make my fantasy a reality.

May Gaia thrive and not just barely survive.

May I have the opportunity of having more holidays like the one I just had in Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest.

May Primal get rid of the chipped title boxes.

May Baino and I get together over a coffee or tea.

May Megan win the fantasy football and get everything else that she needs.

May Nick and Jenny come back visit again soon!

May Vanilla stay safe and create some more magical digital imagery.

May Mr Sparrow post more of his photos.

May God Diaries enlighten me more on how it all really happened.

May Conor stay as cute and lovely.

May Annie do more traveling and blonking.

May WWW continue enjoying (and writing) the Other Side of Sixty.

May Paddy in BA succeed in the walking regimen and every other resolution he has made.

May Clare continue blogging her Excellent Adventures.

May Vacuum be filled with happiness for Mayssa.

May the Postman bring nothing but great news to Conan.

May 2009 bring me (to Oz, physically) friends and family.

2009 ~ so far so good.



1. Nick - 4 January 09

Just discovered Hawks Nest is north of Newcastle. Yet another fabulous beach obviously. Sounds like you had a great new year celebration. I hope your 2009 goes really well and you get your wish of family and friends dropping by.

I think that second pic is what’s called dipping your toes in the photograph….

2. Gaye - 4 January 09

Thank you Nick. I was wondering why you didn’t say anything about my comment May Nick and Jenny…….. then I realised I thought it but forgot to write it. It’s added now!
Yup, dipped my toes not only crystal clear sea but also into the sand and the photograph. šŸ™‚
Best wishes for 2009 to you, Jenny and your families and loved ones.

3. Megan - 4 January 09

Cheers lovey! I have already lost the fantasy football but I’ll take the rest of the wish and run with it.

Happy New Years to you too!

4. wisewebwoman - 5 January 09

Oh backatcha, dearest Gaye. You light up more lives than you know about!
Lovely pics.
And I so agree about the world needing more of the feminine energy to make it work less aggressively and more in harmony.
Positive thoughts.

5. Gaye - 5 January 09

Hey Megs, I meant win it next year. I put it in my wishlist for 2009 because I know you were *brings thumb to index finger* this close to it last year.

WWW dear, I tried the negative thought thing for a looooooong time, it just becomes depressing. Tried depression and insomnia, they weren’t too crash hot either. New days, new ways. I will still be ranting about things that peeve me, but I will not let them get to me.


6. Quickroute - 5 January 09

I like the idea of including others resolutions in your own wishes and thanks for the support – walked again today and feeling better for it!

7. Gaye - 5 January 09

Cool! It’s too hot here so my fav exercise at the moment is swimming! Will be doing much of it tomorrow. šŸ™‚ Pool not beach tomorrow but still can’t wait!

8. Primal Sneeze - 5 January 09

And all the above to you and more

9. Gaye - 6 January 09

Ta very much Mr. Sneeze. šŸ™‚ You know I was joking about the chipped title bars, I love them.

10. Ernest de Cugnac - 6 January 09

Your own post, dedicated just to you??? Not bad. Happy 2009.

11. Gaye - 6 January 09

Becaaauuse, I whinged about girls’ bottoms picture and asked Mr Sparrow to cater to his female readers’ visual needs (more like “wants”) as well as the males.

Thank you and a very happy 2009 to you also, Ernest.

12. Baino - 10 January 09

Aww I’m so late. Thanks Gaye. I’m sure we’ll run into each other eventually and I wish you a very happy, healthy and stress free new year. I hope you get the admin position, pass all your exams and stay the fresh faced bubbly person you are. I love Hawks Nest, we’ve been going there since the kids were toddlers but not for the last couple of years although Adam had New Years at Nelson Bay on a boat and waved to Jimmy’s Beach. It’s such a lovely spot. Big hugs! Hells

13. Gaye - 10 January 09

Thank you Hells. šŸ™‚
Hawks Nest was gorgeous, you know that Hole in the Wall beach? That was our absolute favourite. And the Dark Point Little Gibber was great too but long hard walk through the dune to go to that nice little beach. Wish we had a 4WD then we could have easily.
Did Adam watch the Port Stephens fireworks then? It must have been just awesome, weather was great, nice, warm and sunny until Friday morning. I want to go back again and explore some more. I am also curious about Pacific Palms, never been there either.
Big hugs right back.

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