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Christmas Wha? 18 December 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Grumpy Pants, Happenings, Holiday, Life.
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i have 25th and 26th December off. and I am working every other day. and when I am not working I have to get assignments done, which are now due by January 19th for 3 subjects.

my holiday will be in February, and a holiday it will be! altough, i want a holiday more than I need one. I want to go somewhere quiet, with no background noises – such as planes flying overhead, cars, dogs barking, trains, the continuous humming of the air-condition unit at work, loud ts-chuk ts-chuks from utes driving by, or gunshots – and of course no internet (surprise! I can do without), no mobile phone ringing, no lawn mower sounds at 7am). i don’t even want conversations, just sitting in silence and doing nothing, thinking nothing (empty mind is a good mind), preferably in a forest or by the beach. i want the natural scents like salty fresh smell of the ocean, and not the stinking fried stuff smell that finds me even from a few streets away, coming from the evil mcdonalds and hungryjacks and redrooster.

dogs never stop barking around here.

and those sounds at night which we thought were firecrackers were actually gunshots, apparently.

and i don’t want to drive with everyone gone mad because it’s christmas wha? i am failing to see the jollyness to it. people on the road driving erratic, people in the malls rude, rushing to the next shop, not caring if they have pushed you or shoved you or just simply being their stupid selves. everyone is in a hurry. why would anyone want to speed up the process of going to their graves?

you know what a relief it is when suddenly a source of noise is turned off or stopped for some reason, but you only then realise that the noise was actually annoying and you haven’t noticed it until it stopped? i want that sense of relief in the big picture called life.

i can’t wait for christmas to be over, then school holidays to be over, so i can go and have my holiday.

I am tired.

christmas wha?



1. Megan - 18 December 08

Everyone seems down this year. You’ll make it to your holiday! I hope you get your peace and quiet.

2. Baino - 18 December 08

Oh you’re such a cranky pants! I avoid the crush by shopping when others don’t (early morning or late evening). Did all my Christmas shopping before the rush and I’m ready for the celebrations. I love it. But I know what you mean about a holiday . .mine starts on Saturday . ..try Hawks Nest – ultimately peaceful, nice beach, koalas in the trees! No mobile or wireless coverage! Perfect.

3. Quickroute - 18 December 08

Not an xmas fan either – let it be over!

4. Gaye - 18 December 08

Why would I do any shopping Baino, I have no family here and my family doesn’t celebrate it anyways. Well, I guess or NYE on the 31st is a similar celebration to Xmas as far as exchanging gifts, visiting family etc is concerned.
Hey, have fun in your holiday! I wish you a nice, relaxing one, or any way you like it. I will keep the Hawks Nest in mind. Sounds perfect, from your description.

Quickie, aye!

5. wisewebwoman - 19 December 08

Sounds like you’re overdue for some good solid downtime with no distractions, Gaye.
Count the days but stay in the moment!

6. Absolute Vanilla - 20 December 08

Aw, poor Gaye. Babe, you sound like you really are in need of a good, long, restful break. Hope Feb comes really soon for you.
As for Xmas – I don’t get all the shoving and rudeness and crazy driving either – so much for the season of goodwill to all mankind, eh.

7. Megan - 21 December 08

Methinks my first comment went in your spam again! šŸ™‚

I bet you are looking forward to your holiday. I sure would be!

8. Gaye - 22 December 08

WWW, “stay in the moment” wonderful advice! Thank you dear.

AV, yep exactly. I love beginnings so I am looking forward to Jan 1. After that it will be some more madness till the end of the month.

Megan, when I read this one I went and checked, found 4 more in the spam box which I despammed immediately! Sorry about that. Yep, I am looking forward to it. Won’t be long but it will be great.

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