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Happenings #5 3 December 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Happenings, Life.
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The “Happenings” series continues with its 5th instalment…

♥ Saturday morning sky which inspired the previous post.

at the lights before the M2 Motorway

at the lights before the M2 Motorway...

♥ I was about to make scrambled eggs yesterday. And this happened.

splash of love in the pan

drop of love in the pan...

♥ I daydream on a park bench, while the boobs do the studying.

these boobs were made for Cryllic

these boobs were made for...



1. jeffersondavis - 3 December 08

I love the heart one, and the boobs one is great as well. What are ye studying? 🙂

2. Jefferson Davis - 3 December 08

Crikey! I put the wrong blog in! 🙂

3. Megan - 3 December 08

Hey cool! I like all of them. That ‘heart in a pan’ is pretty nifty. I wish my boobs could do some studying for me, but they just sit there… 🙂

4. Baino - 3 December 08

Aww, pwitty heart . .you make scrambled eggs with oil! Goodness woman . . Ad least the boobs are being attentive!

5. Gaye - 3 December 08

hey JD, studying Russian… well not trying too hard either. i tend to spend my little free time off work daydreaming. re. the wrong blog, no worries, i know the right address.

hah Megan I trained mine!
yea the heart turned out to be a nice little surprise. 🙂

B, i dont like using butter for eggs because there is already some milk and feta cheese in it. i use grapeseed oil, it’s good! LoL the boobs originally weren’t supposed to be in the photo or at least more of me was supposed to be in. turned out to be a funny one.

6. Absolute Vanilla - 3 December 08

smart boobs! 😉

7. Mayssa - 4 December 08


8. Gaye - 4 December 08

LOL Vanilla! Stop typing and rest your shoulder and get better soon pls k thnks!

9. wisewebwoman - 5 December 08

Well educated boobs, Gaye, they deserve a <3.
Now there’s a contradiction in terms given the double entendre of boobs. H’mmmmmm

10. Gaye - 5 December 08

*chuckle* ah, a bit of fun!
My dear WWW, how boring would life be without a little double entendre?

11. Quickroute - 5 December 08

If the boobs were interested wouldn’t the nips be …. ok – I’m not going down that smutty road

12. Absolute Vanilla - 11 December 08

hey, where are ya?

13. Gaye - 11 December 08

Hey, I am right here. No time for anything else but work at the moment! The little spare time goes to reading blogs.

14. Absolute Vanilla - 13 December 08

You know what they say about too much work… Come and play a bit!

15. Gaye - 15 December 08

Mayssa so sorry your comment got caught by the spam thing, because of the link.
That’s a great picture!

16. Gaye - 15 December 08

It’s just that time of the year for what I do out there as a job, besides the translating in my pjyamas!


17. conortje - 16 December 08

Sunny blue skies and summer clothes – I’m so jealous 🙂

18. Gaye - 17 December 08

Conor ! aw don’t be jealous, just come on over, although not before February, because I am flat out busy with work till then.

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