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Accident… 2 December 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Earth Child, Land Down Under, Life.
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I am positive I am going to crash my car one of these days whilst admiring the beautiful, magestic and magical southern skies enveloping this magnificient southern land.



1. Megan - 2 December 08

Did you get that camera yet???


2. nihan - 2 December 08

you sound sooo poetic dear!!!!!

3. Gaye - 2 December 08

he he! i try.

4. wisewebwoman - 2 December 08

Don’t manifest this for heaven’s sake Gaye!! (pun intended).
I had a bad blowout on the weekend on the highway and don’t recommend this kind of drama in anyone’s life!!

5. Baino - 2 December 08

They’ve been pretty cool this week eh? And the clouds generally very dramatic. Although I missed the International Terminal turn off last night watching a plane land on the runway strip that goes over Southern Cross Drive . . surreal! Erm sorry to the gal on the scooter.

6. Gaye - 2 December 08

Hahaha that pun was great WWW!
Re. the blowout, I am sorry it happened and I am glad you are safe and sound! Was it a scary one?

Bainobebe, I am always so in awe of the skies here whether it be the clouds or the sunrise or the wonderfully warm orange sunset. The pink and grey sometimes peachy, it’s amazing. It always makes me smile. How was the meeting at the airport?
🙂 You are one happy mumsy aren’t you?


7. Mayssa - 3 December 08

youve only just seen Australia havent you? 😛

8. Gaye - 3 December 08

Nope, but I haven’t had a car or a valid NSW licence for years to be able to put my life in danger admiring the sky and the clouds in the sky, then blogging about it. So there! :p

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