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Love – Hate – Indifferent #2 28 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Life.
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Unlike my first Love-Hate-Indifferent post this one has only a couple of entries.

At the moment I love

  1. Thunderstorms, lightning, rain, grey and cool.

At the moment I hate

  1. Proofreading assignments

At the moment I am indifferent to

Nothing, well, except perhaps being indifferent.



1. Baino - 28 November 08

I’m holed up at work waiting for the thunderstom to calm down a bit, it’s POURING out there! I’m with you on proofreading, I’m very poor at it! Although I’ve had enough grey . . a little sunshine would be nice . . just on Monday and Tuesday – pelease!

2. Megan - 28 November 08

We had rain Wednesday day and night – but nothing but lovely distant thunderheads Thursday. Somewhere over there, it was raining…but not on us.

I enjoy proofreading. In an alternate universe, I coulda been an editor…

3. Nick - 28 November 08

Jenny’s currently in Hobart, and it’s cold and wet. I also love thunderstorms and I also hate proofreading. Trouble is I’m actually very good at proofreading so people ask me to do it. And if it’s Jenny, how can I say no?

Plenty of things I’m indifferent to. Like celebrity gossip, the latest property prices and conversations about dieting. Spare me, please.

4. Gaye - 28 November 08

B ~ I will order a full dose of sunshine especially for you and your lovely daughter who is coming home on Monday and then Tuesday!

M ~ How is Thanksgiving pigging out (or should I say turkeying out) going? It’s a good time for family isn’t it? Getting together and enjoying time together.

You like proofreading? Trust me, if you got 3 cents a word proofreading when you have to re-do almost all of the translation you wouldn’t like it much!

N ~ How’s Jenny enjoying her Oz stay so far? When are you heading this way? It must suck being very good at proofreading but hating it. Well, you can’t say no to a loved one really. I translated something for my brother, I thought it was a page, turns out to be 8 pages and I had no time so me stressing and not sleeping. But I couldn’t have said no!

I am not sure if you are indifferent to celebrity gossip, property prices or conversations on dieting. It sounds to me that you outright dislike them. When I say indifferent I mean something like “meh, tell me or not, I don’t care”.

5. Nick - 28 November 08

Will drop you an email re our Oz movements very soon. No, I don’t dislike those things, I mean they have their place (there’s nothing actually wrong with celeb gossiping or dieting) but personally they just don’t interest me very much.

6. Gaye - 29 November 08

Got your e-mail. Thanks Nick, I will reply this afternoon when I get home from work.
Ah ok, I missed that nuance when I got to the part where you said “Spare me” 🙂

7. Absolute Vanilla - 30 November 08

Yep, not big on proofreading either – I remember having to do someone’s thesis a million years ago – I’m sure I made a complete pig’s ear of it! 😉

8. Gaye - 30 November 08

Hmmm, why do I think that might just not be the case? 🙂

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