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Was I Dreaming When I Saw… 26 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Life.
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This is the first time in many months I saw fuel (unleaded) under AUD$1 per litre. Less than A dollar! I couldn’t believe my eyes so I had to go around the roundabout, come back and take a picture. History is made!

Too bad I filled up two days ago for AUD$104.9. and THAT was cheap!

Stranger things have happened…



1. Megan - 26 November 08

I saw everything from $2.17 to $2.02 today. It’s so weird…

2. Nick - 26 November 08

Jammie Aussie sods. Our petrol’s twice that price – more like 99 pence a litre! But then again, given global warming, should petrol be that cheap anyway?

3. Baino - 26 November 08

Was that on Sunnyholt Road? About time we saw some evidence of the fall in oil prices. You wait, it’ll be over $1.40 on the weekend and I’m running on empty! @Meg that’s still normally cheaper than ours given the exchange rate. Deisel is still $1.47! Poor truckies.

4. Gaye - 26 November 08

Megan ~ They are just playing with us… cat and mouse.

Nick ~ Recession baby!

Baino ~ Nup, it was on Quarry road, North Ryde. Diesel is sooo expensive. Mind you 100% unleaded is more expensive too compared to 10% ethanol.

5. Quickroute - 26 November 08

WOW! – that’s cheaper than here – I litre is arg$2.7 = Aus$1.23

6. Absolute Vanilla - 26 November 08

Petrol prices are down everywhere. I noticed that when I filled up yesterday. Whoohoo! And I see from the local consumer prices that our fuel prices are expected to go down again on 3 December.

7. Gaye - 27 November 08

Quickie ~ The problem is there is a weird price fluctuation mechanism here. On monday the prices go down until wednesday from thursday they go back up again. But there has been that general trend of overal decrease in prices, hence the point where it reached 99.9. I took the photo yesterday morning. By yesterday evening on the way back home it was already up to 117.9 at places.

Ava ~ Yep, the drop is to continue, with little spikes in the middle because the greed is still there. I filled mine up 2 days ago for 105.9 I thought it was cheapest I could find. Hehe next time I do window shopping a bit. Actually I spotted the consistently cheapest petrol station, I will try and time my running out of petrol so I am nearby that one when I need to fill up! HAH!

8. wisewebwoman - 27 November 08

Well everything else is biting the dust, Gaye, retail, autos, stocks, banks, they’re just about giving away the oil to get us to the malls to buy Xmas Schlock.
I wonder how long it will last?
it is dirt cheap here too.

9. Gaye - 28 November 08

Ahhh I never thought about the Xmas Schlock side of things. I don’t drive more or less because I have to drive for work anyways and when I drive for anything other than work it’s short distances.
I want to move to the coast somewhere, and out of Sydney. It’s too expensive and life is too hectic, even by my standards!

10. Nick - 28 November 08

Northern Ireland must have the most expensive petrol in the world. Which is probably why there’s a huge black market in illegal petrol, though it’s risky to buy it as it’s heavily contaminated and might very well ruin your engine.

11. Gaye - 28 November 08

That’s terrible. I remember as a youngster in Turkey we had a similar problem and there were huge car problems due to contaminated petrol bought in the black market.
Now quality doesn’t seem to be a problem as there is more control. Why do you think NI has such a problem at the day and age, despite being right there next to England and north of the Republic?

12. Nick - 28 November 08

Petrol’s almost as dear in England, though for some reason it’s cheaper in the Republic. Nobody quite knows why our petrol prices are so high, I expect it’s the usual reason – the oil companies just jack up the prices and get away with it.

13. Gaye - 28 November 08

Hmmmm. “Getting away with it” is mother of all evil, it seems.

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