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Love – Hate – Indifferent #1 21 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Life.
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The word of the month is LIST.

Inspired by Conor’s 200 (!) list and my real life friend Mayssa’s “love and hate” lists, I am starting my very own.

At the moment I love

  1. getting up early in the morning; it makes my day longer and allows me to get much more done.
  2. sleeping in, not really sleeping but generally lazing in bed.
  3. the rain.
  4. real smiles.
  5. people who smile a real smile especially when it lingers in the corner of their lips a little longer than it takes to say Hi, how are you?
  6. feta cheese toasted sandwich and tea in the morning.
  7. driving.
  8. drinking water and feeling the thirst quenched immediately, I can hear my body sigh in satisfaction aahhhh that was good.
  9. a big bear hug.
  10. my bum.
  11. WoW.
  12. the minty fresh feeling in my mouth after I brush my teeth.
  13. sex.
  14. learning a new word.
  15. solving the Saturday Crosaire on the Irish Times over breakfast on a Sunday.
  16. dogs in petshops; I want to take all of them home.
  17. juicy, crisp, sweet chunks of watermelon.
  18. meaningful youtube videos.
  19. especially this one: Kiwi it brings a tear to my eye.
  20. my mum during our chats on Skype, especially when she is not asking me about coming back home or having babies.
  21. all of Kings of Leon songs and their lead singer Caleb Followill’s voice. (Note: see my next musiquality post on KoL)
  22. cyberspace and blogosphere.
  23. my personal space.
  24. after a long day when I lay in bed and I hear my body sigh in satisfaction as it melts into the mattress ahhhh horizontal to the ground, thank you thank you thank you.
  25. a Korean day spa in Chatswood. One of these days…
  26. hair wash and scalp massage in the hairdresser’s inclined chair.
  27. goosebumps and that indescribable feeling that flow from my head through to my arms and down to my legs during the conditioning scalp massage. Note: almost as much as sex.
  28. quiet orgasm.
  29. writing a love and hate list.
  30. finding out there is a whole lot more I love than I originally thought.
  31. watching moves @ Gold Class on a weekday before 3pm because it’s cheaper.
  32. listening to the silence, hearing nothing and smiling.
  33. cooking delicious, divine food.
  34. The song I Will Never Love You More.
  35. fantasizing about exercising.
  36. sex
  37. pressing my palms on both sides of my face and pushing them back, looking to see how a cosmetic surgery would look on me and cracking up breaking my heart laughing the next 5 minutes.
  38. checking e-mail
  39. candles.
  40. Yummiest ice cream ever!

    Yummiest ice cream ever!

  41. feel of my skin after shower
  42. window shopping
  43. touching and smelling fruits in open fresh food markets.
  44. the thought of having a dog.
  45. the thought of having chickens in a pen in my garden and making scrambled eggs in the morning.
  46. the concepts of hope and change.
  47. singing alone
  48. making up the lyrics as I go, when singing alone
  49. re-visiting my Calvin and Hobbes books.
  50. going to work.
  51. and especially coming home from work.
  52. daydreaming when I have a moment to spare.

At the moment I hate

  1. having to get up early in the morning, although I love the fact that my days are longer and I get much more done when I do.
  2. too much talking (ads and djs entertaining themselves) on the radio, i want more music darnit.
  3. P Platers who do incredibly stupid shit on the roads, aren’t they supposed to be learning to drive still?
  4. feeling like a mean bad person, for hoping that the same P Platers wrap themselves around a tree before they hurt anyone else on the road while doing incredibly stupid shit on the roads.
  5. P platers in general.
  6. filling up the tank with petrol for two reasons: smell and cost
  7. exams, assessments, tests.
  8. fake smiles or smiles that come to an abrupt end before the smiler has turned away from the smilee, I see them everywhere, it’s not cool.
  9. waking up tired.
  10. my bum (yep, I have a love and hate relationship with it)
  11. my hair on a humid day.
  12. reading, listening to, watching the news. no news is good news…
  13. TV.
  14. reality TV.
  15. Foxtel.
  16. people who don’t, won’t, can’t say please, thank you, sorry or I love you.
  17. people who get mad at you for telling them the truth.
  18. people who get mat at you for asking them to stop doing something they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. (they are generally the same people who don’t/can’t/won’t say please, thank you, sorry)
  19. the word hate; it is so negative.
  20. getting the back of my seat kicked or pushed continuously while I am trying to watch a movie.
  21. and people chatting away at the movies, and wanting to say to them Why the fuck did you pay all that money if you weren’t going to watch it anyways?
  22. and having to ask them, politely, if they can keep their voices down a bit so I can hear and enjoy the movie. Politely, being the operative hated word here.
  23. drinking tap water.
  24. getting food stuck in my teeth at a time when I don’t have means or access to floss.
  25. having to listen to music, or rather noise, that some people call music.
  26. having to listen to the tss-chuck tss-chuck coming out of an incredibly loud mp3 player of an idiot. If I can hear the beat coming out of the headphones stuck in his ears, how loud must he be listening to it? And why don’t his ears bleed? Oh. The plugs!
  27. the fact that I have almost as many I hate‘s as I love‘s at the moment.
  28. waking up at night and having to go for a pee.
  29. having to wash the dishes after dinner.
  30. even more so, having to wash the dinner dishes the next morning.
  31. not being able to draw and paint like an artist.
  32. not being on a permanent vacation, for life, everyday, traveling.
  33. people who have not even once felt they loved anyone more than anything in the whole wide world.
  34. putting on make up, or rather, feeling like I should put make up on when we are going out.
  35. not being able to smell the natural aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated fruit and vegetable section of Woolworths and Coles.
  36. hanging underwear and socks on the line; it takes forever.
  37. carbon footprint certificate business.

At the moment I am indifferent to


That’s all. For now…



1. Megan - 21 November 08

Oooh there’s lots more since this morning! Must read again!!

2. Nick - 21 November 08

Oi, Love 13 and 36 are the same, that’s cheating! I really loathe artificial smiles as well. The worst offenders are politicians and all those professionals who’re trying to “welcome the client”. It’s so transparently fake, why do they bother?

3. Baino - 21 November 08

Mad World is my funeral song (Yes I have planned these things) and I’ve watched Donnie Darko 4 times and am not sure what it’s about. Hair wash – totally! Told you that you sound like Soko . . and trust me, I do the cosmetic surgery thing at least once a week then remind myself that wrinkles are a sign of experience, I’m not yet convinced.

I am currently snooffing the aroma of Awakening candles from Dusk. Disagree on the petrol thing, I love it! Totally with you on p’s and q’s. And, I don’t ‘hate’ anyone but am a bit forward when it comes to the ‘truth’. I Don’t shop for fruit and veg in the supermarket. Go out to Galston and buy strawbs picked that morning . . .gorgeous . . you didn’t mention massage and pedicure which I must book because Adam bought me vouchers for both for my birthday!

4. Gaye - 21 November 08

Megan, yea come back read again, before I add another 50 to the list muhah! Stay with the program woman!

Nick, Oi right back atcha. 13 and 36 serve to accentuate my love of sex. Ugh, yea the fake smile. I never smile at someone I don’t feel like smiling at, because if I fake it I think it’s much worse feeling than not being smiled at at all. I think they bother because they think they can get away with it, that the other person or others who are observing can’t tell. It’s like when we’d sit in the classroom at the back, and do all sorts of naughty things, thinking the teacher can’t see. The teacher could see and let us be ourselves most of the time, who were we kidding? Ourselves.

Baino my preciousssss ~ Did you watch the video I linked that had the Mad World song in the background? The little kiwi bird?
Donny Darko is an all time fav.
I have to pay a visit to Dusk soon, when I get paid to be precise. Ugh, how can you love the smell of petrol?
The p’s ya, what’s the q’s?
Ooooo I have to go check out Galston, it’s a bit of a drive though from 7 Hills, no?
I forgot to specify pedicure and massage, but it was implied in the Day Spa entry hehehe.


5. Absolute Vanilla - 22 November 08

Hmm, I note sex and orgasms rate pretty highly in your life, you saucy thing.
But explain this one to me – you love getting up early, you love sleeping in – so come on, which is it?! Or do you somehow manage to do both together?

6. Gaye - 23 November 08

Well my dear Ava, it’s only natural!
I didn’t say I never had conflicting emotions? I love sleeping in, or rather, lazing in bed. But when I get up early I get heaps done and I feel good about it. So, love staying in bed, feel good when I get up early. I try and alternate so I don’t feel guilty or under-indulged.

7. Mayssa - 23 November 08

P Plater me 😦

8. Gaye - 23 November 08

Aww Mayssa, but I said “in general”! Of course I would never generalise you, you know it!

9. Absolute Vanilla - 24 November 08

All about balance, eh? πŸ˜‰

10. Gaye - 25 November 08

I suppose … πŸ™‚

11. Quickroute - 25 November 08

#26 – my pet peeve of the week

12. Gaye - 25 November 08

I hear you!

13. Megan - 25 November 08

Me too!

14. Mayssa - 26 November 08

yay ungeneral me πŸ˜›

15. Gaye - 27 November 08

Yup M, you are positively, extremely unique!

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