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Flowers 20 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun.
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Flowers... The way I see them



1. Megan - 20 November 08

I like it! Can I put it on the bulletin board??

2. Megan - 20 November 08

I thought for sure I commented..

3. Megan - 21 November 08

Hey darlin I think my comments went to your spam. That happens for some reason when I comment on wordpress blogs from the office (sshhhh, don’t tell them I wasn’t working).

Anyways my question was – can I put this on the bulletin board?

4. wisewebwoman - 21 November 08

Great list Gaye. I keep telling people about movies – when you are disturbed. don’t interact with the disturbers. Find an usher, tell them and if you miss some of the movie you will get a free pass for another show. It is the usher’s job to stop the interference to your quiet enjoyment. Works every time….
I’m happy you’re in such a good space with your life…

5. wisewebwoman - 21 November 08

Oh, BTW, I love love love your drawing!!

6. Baino - 21 November 08

Haha . . .Don’t give up your day job . .naughty girl . . if you’ve got time for flower’s you’ve got time for lunch (I’m sad cos my Friday lunch date dogged me to go shopping!) Hey hey . .happy you’re in the pink!

7. Gaye - 21 November 08

Megan ~ Hi sweetypie, I will check my spam filter then and bring your comments back from the dead. Haha, work is overrated!
It would be an honour if you deem my humble flower crayon creation on your bulletin board! YAYAYAY!

WWW ~ Huggles from down unda coming your way. thank you 🙂
There was a case here in Oz, someone went and complained about a bunch of noisy teenagers (murderers it turned out), the usher comes and kicks them out. They go and call their other gang mates, and corner the guy when he comes out of the cinema, bash them and stab them to death. Why? Because the guy didn’t want to get hit by pop-corn and various other items they were throwing down over the other seats. What a way to go eh?

Baino ~ I have done this AT WORK! When I was with my client, during art and craft time, I promise! Friday, today I worked from midday to, now, 11pm. I just came home few minutes ago. Ok. We meet next week. I come visit. OK? Hugs.

8. Absolute Vanilla - 22 November 08

Oh I LOVE those – so bright and vibrant! More!

9. Gaye - 23 November 08

I am so glad you do, because I have no talent whatsoever in drawing, painting. What I can do well is colouring in, you know those primary school or pre-school kids colour-in books? Yea, them, I love those because I can do brilliant colouring in.
And I can really really draw amazing stickman figures.
That’s it. heh

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