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It’s all about me. Me 16 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Life.
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Oh no, I have been tagged. I am so anti-meme it’s not funny, especially since I have done one that made me spill my guts out like I have never before. Having said that, your one who tagged me is none other than the lovely goddess Vanilla. There is no other way but comply with this tag, as resistance to Vanilla is Absolute-ly futile.

The idea is to reveal seven random and or weird things about myself.

The rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. (done and done)
2. Share 7 facts about yourself – some random, some weird. (done, wow that was tough)
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. (nope)
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs. (nope)

OK here it goes…

1) I hated onions for the most part of my life. A well-meaning neighbour made my fav pastry and put potatoes and onions in it, rather than the usual feta-cheese. One bite to try, and the half cooked crunch of onions and the accompanying smell of the onion/potato mix made me gag. I gradually trained myself to eat again but I can only eat onions completely raw (like in salad) or totally caramelised.

2) I have once kicked a man out of a train. He was masturbating with a newspaper on his lap, sitting across from a bunch of teenage school girls, looking at them intently as he did. I was enraged, I went up and told him to give me the newspaper. He was shocked, shook his head as if to say “Please don’t make me…” to which I responded with a “Do your zip up and get out of the train at the next stop or I am calling the police now.” I just waited there standing next to his seat in the aisle, and followed him downstairs to the doors, and watched him get out of the train. I surprised myself by this act and learned much from it.

3) I used to drink too much for my own good. In Norway, woke up to the loving embrace of a total stranger.  Told him to help himself to breakfast, left my apartment and when I came back there was a note with a phone number, which immediately found its place in the bin. Since then, I have not had a memory lapse, ever. Also since then, I have not been able to get that drunk either.

4) I am a 3rd dan black belt in Hapkido.

5) When I was training and teaching Hapkido, I injured my knee. I had to have a knee reconstruction as I ripped ACL and MCL together during a grading. It was painful. I kept going and did further damage to my already ripped-apart knee. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop. It was one of those times, when I had this injury. It was a big mistake.

6) I have never made the same mistake twice, but it seems I am perfectly capable of finding new mistakes to make everyday.

7) I am a perfectionist. Imagine my surprise a few years ago, when I realised there is no such thing as perfect.

These aren’t the weirdest things I could write about me. But I am too shy to reveal it all. In good time my friends, in good time.

I am tagging:

You, you, you, you, you, you and you. That makes all 7 of you so go ahead and meme yourselves out!



1. Nick - 16 November 08

Well, good for you re number 2. If only more people were so public-spirited. Number six is horribly familiar, that happens to me all the time. And yes, I also took far too long to spot the deliberate mistake – perfection exists only in the head.

Re onions – I hope you don’t have the same reaction to garlic, that would be a serious deprivation.

2. Gaye - 16 November 08

Nick ~ Re. no 2: I was so angry but to my surprise I was also calm the way I handled it (I actually wanted to punch his head in) and was not afraid to do something about the situation. At the end I did not regret my action (or non-action if I just sat there doing nothing about it, or just remove myself and let the man get away with this).
Re the perfection thing, it’s a terrible conundrum because I am still a perfectionist, just because I realised there is no such thing didn’t change the fact.
I love garlic, and I used to as a kid have no problem with the onions. But this silly lady had put the potatoes and onions as huge raw chunks into the pastry. Imagine, it was steamy, half cooked, crunchy with that overpowering onion smell. Yuck. Garlic is one of my favourite foods, couldn’t do without it I use it in my cooking and salads all the time. Garlic and Chilli. Mucho Yummo!

3. Gaye - 16 November 08

By the way, You are one of the tagged MUHAH! Didn’t you read my last bit on the post? I said you, you, you….. One of the “you”s was you. I am surprised you didn’t notice.
G πŸ˜€

4. Baino - 16 November 08

That’s one of the reasons I HATE trains. Twice I’ve had some guy doing this and haven’t had the nerve to confront them. Well done you! Brave thing. I just move to the next carriage. Maybe if kids had been involved I’d have had an attach of Dutch courage! Oh, people who don’t make mistakes don’t make anything!

5. Nick - 16 November 08

I think the trick is always to aim for perfection, in order to strive a bit harder, but to realise that in reality you can never achieve it.

But I’m not you, I’m me! Anyway, I’ve done this meme already. See Random and Weird Things Dec 27 2007. In fact you even commented, hah! Remember that perfect Oz accent? And even then you had weird stuff you didn’t want to share. But I bet my stuff’s weirder.

Did you see Conor has the random list to end all random lists? 200 revelations no less.

6. Megan - 17 November 08

I still drink too much. I’m starting to worry about myself a bit. Good list! I did the 100 things list a while ago, but coming up with 7 more should not be hard.

7. Gaye - 17 November 08

Bainz – Twice????? That’s terrible! When I was in high school we had a regular flasher down near the ice skating park. It was terrifying and I made a mental note not to ever give them the pleasure by looking shocked or afraid etc. I think you are right perhaps it was the kids sitting there oblivious to everything and I was so angry at this pervert.l

Nick – Perfect Oz accent hah! My stuff is weirder than yours. I triple dog dare you to meme the weirdest stuff about you, and if you do it I will do it too! Where does Conor have it? Old posts?

Megan – How much is too much Megan? I have to go into your archives and see your 100! But remember the 7 has to be weird enough to call it weird but not weird enough to scare people away! Hehe!

8. Quickroute - 17 November 08

Well done on #2 – presumably #4 helped a little?

9. Nick - 17 November 08

Actually I think I’ve revealed most of the weird stuff, except for one or two very closely guarded secrets that are strictly between me and Jenny. So over to you, hah. Conor’s list is on his latest post.

10. Nick - 17 November 08

What is the matter with WordPress? None of those comments appeared on screen, and then when I closed everything and went back to your blog, they all appeared. WordPress must be having a funny turn.

11. Gaye - 18 November 08

Nick, alright alright I hear you! You don’t need to say it many times. πŸ™‚
It’s like my phantom comments, at three different times now I commented on various posts of yours and when I went back for a visit comments were not there. It happened on WWW’s blog too so not sure what went on.
Want me to delete the extra ones? Let’s keep them, it makes my blog look popular with so many comments heheheh!

Quickie ~ I think you may be right. Maybe my confidence came from the fact that subconsciously I knew I could defend myself or hurt him if I wanted to. But I didn’t think it that way, I was just angry and thought I had to do something. Have I not had the training would I have cowered or left the carriage and gone to another? I don’t know. The kids were right there and I don’t think I could have done something else but shoo the pervert away.

12. Nick - 18 November 08

Yes, do remove all the comments except the first one if you wish. No idea what’s happening with your comments on my blog. My own comments stay put okay. Blogger does have some annoying quirks.

13. Gaye - 18 November 08

Done πŸ™‚
I saw Conor’s list. It’s huge, and amazingly his fav movie is the same as mine, Cinema Paradiso. I will have to go back and leave a long comment for him. Very very interesting. I am tempted to do the 100!!!!! Or not :p

14. Absolute Vanilla - 19 November 08

Well done on #2!!!
As for perfect, erm, wozzat? πŸ™‚
Thanks for playing along – see, it wasn’t that bad, was it…?

15. Gaye - 19 November 08

AV nope it wasn’t bad at all. Although Conor did a 100 and WWW did a 30 so I am considering a new one with the number between the two. The things I’d spill out OOooo scary!
Perfect is… well I knew once.. or thought I knew. It was I, me, mine. It is a dream, it is endemic to Utopia. It belongs to my orange bubble.’
Sorry if this wasn’t much help!

16. wisewebwoman - 19 November 08

I think Conor did 200, Gaye, we are beaten, whipped & destroyed by his list. I don’t think I have enough interesting bits for 200, even for 100, even for 50.
I’m glad you sent me your new link.
I’m having trouble on Nick’s blog too, I thought it was my usual dial-up problems.
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble on mine.
good for you on the train, what a creepy perv.
As to perfectionism as long as it doesn’t stop you trying. A lot of perfectionists won’t try anything in case it is not perfect. I’ve a friend like that. she leads a horrible little life, afraid to do anything.
I don’t think you’re like that.

17. Gaye - 19 November 08

Yes but he cheated, because he writes something like “I did this and that” and then his next item is related to it “and I didn’t like it”. Or “I don’t want to talk about it”
So really his list is only about 120 individual items max! You have such an interesting life and have done so much I bet you can beat that easy!
I am thinking about mine at the moment, not sure if I will attempt the 200!
Thank you for visiting my orange bubble!

18. Gaye - 19 November 08

Oh and no, I am not like that! I try and try and try! Sometimes a bit too much…

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