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I cut Niall’s hair and I liked it 11 November 08

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This was never the way I planned
Not my intention
I got so brave, scissors in hand
Lost my discretion
It’s not what I’m used to
Just wanna try you on
I’m curious for you
Caught my attention
I cut Niall’s hair and I liked it
My scissors rock, snip snip snip
I cut Niall’s hair just to try it
I hope his workmates don’t mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Didn’t mean to make it so short
I cut his hair he liked it
He liked it…


I changed the lyrics and I liked it,

I hope Katy doesn’t mind it

Anyhow, today I cut Niall’s hair the second time ever. It was the second time for me, I took photos the first time HAH! It was not half bad, really short though!

He liked it! He liked it!



1. Mayssa - 11 November 08

u have a hairdresser’s bib thingi at home?!

2. Gaye - 11 November 08

Nope! It came with the haircut kit thingy that I bought. I don’t just work with the scissors, there is an electric hair trimmer too but it wasn’t going to fit in the lyrics so I didn’t mention. Ehem. 🙂
Oo you can actually see the trimmer on the chair next to Nialler.

3. Baino - 11 November 08

Haha, he’s a brave man letting you get near him with your bloody dressmaking scissors! Looks alright tho! (He looks different without his glasses or is it that silver fox thing happening on the side of his head?). So unfair that men look handsome as they go grey . .we panic and hit the bottle (Dye bottle that is!) I used to shave Adam’s head . . No 2 all over. Then last Christmas I asked him to TRIM 2cms off my wet hair. He cut about 8cm and I ended up looking like Gwendoline from Wallace and Gromit!

And no . .I’d rather kiss a boy! And, if the tale of men’s first fantasy is to make love to two women . . I don’t think he’d mind a bit! Then again, fantasies are just that and not meant to be acted upon!

4. Gaye - 11 November 08

Oh hey, it was not bloody at all! :p I did not snip off the ear or anything.
Silver fox IS happening indeed, but I also cut it short short, he wanted it like that. I agree with the men and grey hair equation. About dying hair, I am dying it tomorrow morning!
No2 all over? Ooo I will have to try it next time (if he lets me again that is, why not a third time?)
I know why Adam cut your hair more than he intended to. Because everytime there was an OUPS he wanted to fix and level the hair so it got shorter and shorter. Some hairdressers do that too!
I’d rather kiss a boy too, but not any boy, just Niall! 🙂 And I don’t think I would like even a bit it if he kissed a girl (or a boy)!!!!!!! I don’t like to share or be shared with unfortunately!

5. Gaye - 11 November 08

Mayssa do you have hotmail? Add me if you do, delpheeathotmaildotcom.

6. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 11 November 08

LOL, very good!
D always suggests that I cut his hair and I always refuse – I have visions of taking off a little bit here, and then a bit more here and then, oh goodness, it’s lopsided best I snip some off here – and before you know it the poor man will be as bald as a coot!

And can you believe it, I’ve just discovered I left the first three paragraphs off my blog post this morning… gaaaaaarrrr!

7. Quickroute - 12 November 08

damage doesn’t look too bad!

8. Gaye - 12 November 08

Vanilla ~ You should just do it. Men don’t care, they can pay 15 bucks for a haircut, if it’s crap it grows fast and they get another haircut. I was so scared the first time for the exact reason you mentioned. This photo is from the first time, and I wasn’t even done yet with the trimming and stuff. This time I think I cut it a bit too short hehe oh well.
Do you write your post somewhere else and then copy paste? How did you leave 3 paragraphs off?????

QR ~ Ta very much! “Not bad, not bad at all for a first timer!” is exactly what Niall said. But he still had a haircut at the barber the next time. He disliked it so much that he returned to my little shop! Muhah!

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