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Dear Mr. President, 5 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Inspirational, Politics, World Affairs.
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Dear Mr. President,

Here I am sitting in my lounge at home in Sydney, Australia, all choked up as I am listening to you give your first speech as the next president of the USA.

Congratulations on your post. I hope you do your best to try and keep all those promises you have made and deliver the change you have convinced us to be possible.

Best of luck, and I believe you need much of it, as there are serious challenges ahead of you as the president of the USA. I hope you get all the help you need, and I hope you prove to be an honest leader.

Please make me a believer again.

Warmest Regards,




1. Megan - 5 November 08

I’m looking forward to the next four years!

2. Gaye - 5 November 08

Me too! I really hope that Americans pull together as a nation and help him out. He surely has that cool, calm confidence to create a sense of trust and hope. I hope this will help him in trying to bring in everyone to commit to changes he has promised.

3. Baino - 5 November 08

Aww . .you sook! Actually I had fun this afternoon. Not sure JD did with two of us haranguing him! Must admit I was a bit more swept away by the count than I expected and feeling very optimistic. Barack (we must stop calling him Obama – too similar to that other cove!) charismatic, attractive, hopefully intelligent and able to connect across the board. He is the hope of a nation – or maybe the world, he’ll need broad shoulders and a Popemobile!

4. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 5 November 08

Aw, great post/letter, Gaye!

I have such a strong sense that this is the beginning of a whole lot of change, the dawning of a new era in so many ways. I remember the sense of dread I had at the time of 9/11, this now feels like the direct opposite.
There’s a long and steep road ahead and it won’t be an easy job but I think Obama’s taken the American public and the rest of the world along with him. Now we just have to hope that those rightwing nuts don’t try anything stoopid – yep, I’m with Baino, a popemobile will be needed!

5. Gaye - 6 November 08

Baino ~ Am I a sook? Well I sometimes feel like walking sideways, hehe. And I pinch the Irishman’s butt every now and then. So I guess I am a sook.
JD? Heh didn’t think what we were doing was haranguing Ms Baino, I was extremely careful in what I said and how I said it. Or at least I tried.
Meh, I don’t know, I like the name Obama. He is all that you listed. I agree it’s actually quite a heavy load he will inherit even for his shoulders, carry he will do I hope. I do have hope. And I want to believe.

Vanilla ~ I gave your address to my sister, when we were talking online about the elections and Obama. I mentioned interconnectedness and told her I have this blog-mate who wrote about interconnectedness. You will notice a visitor from Turkey, though she might be a bit shy to leave a comment.
I agree, our biggest worry here is that rightwing nuts doing something stoopid. I hope they will not because despite their differences, the man has pledged to bring the country out of the dark into the light, and fix things. They live in the very same country. Fanatics will always be fanatics but I have hope.

POPEMOBILE! What an idea! 🙂

6. Quickroute - 6 November 08

I am SO happy Dub’ya is OUT! SO HAPPY!

7. Gaye - 6 November 08

Hi there! OH yes feeling is completely mutual!

8. Jefferson Davis - 7 November 08

You weren’t haranguing me! I enjoyed our chat. I was just fed up with the spectacle that the election had become. 22 months is a long time to watch these people on the tele.

I don’t trust Barack, but that is only because he’s a politician. They are all the same once they reach that level. We know so little of the man. I hope he holds true to his word. I’ll be watching him like a hawk! 🙂

It is a historic time for the world. 🙂

9. Gaye - 7 November 08

What a lovely surprise JD!
The whole 2 year long campaign is a bit too much but I think we all got a bit used to commercialisation of events. I didn’t pay much attention up until the last few months, once Obama became the Democrat candidate.
Like your good self, I don’t trust politicians either. But surely we need hope badly, especially at this time. Hope and change. Maybe that’s single handedly why he won, he promised those two and he sounded sincere enough.
Just like you said during the chat, talk the talk great but will he walk the walk.
I sure HOPE! 🙂
One very important thing, I think because of the slavery, the undermining their humanity, the discrimination for so long against them, there are a lot of African Americans in the USA, who believe they are not worth much, who believe they can’t do anything right, good. I really hope that this changes their attitudes, and motivate them to achieve their dreams, how big or little the dreams may be. Especially young people who look up to the gun wielding, “gangstas, pimps and the ho’s” singing losers, as if those singers care even a bit about their fans, while racking up the cash.
It is indeed historic in more than one way.

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