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Your Vote ~ Your Voice 4 November 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Dreams, Politics, World Affairs, Worthy Causes.

Dear American friends,


I would like to hear your voice all the way from Australia.

Please vote sensibly, please vote for change. Although any change to the status quo would be welcome, the change that McCain and McPalin are promising is just too scary for me.

Best of luck today and the next few years ahead, to all of you and the rest of the world.

Warm Regards,




1. Megan - 4 November 08

My stomach hurts, I’m so nervous.

2. Gaye - 4 November 08

Megan, I can’t explain to you how nervous I am.

Over the years, I can’t say I have ever felt so strongly about an election in a country I was not living in at the time.

But this particular election, I feel is truly important for not only the people of the USA but the rest of the world.

It’s time to recognise “interconnectedness” as Vanilla wrote in a brilliant post once.

I am so scared of the prospect of election results showing more votes from the racists, the war mongrels, the backward fanatics than those of the people who are open to change and hope, and who are not afraid to change the status quo, who are compassionate about one another.

Good luck Megan. I can hear your voice already.

3. Baino - 4 November 08

I’m with you both. It’s time the US realised that it can no longer live an isolationist economic or political life it must be brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and realise that it is part of a wider picture. Our planet is now a Global Village and we need the US to realise that.

4. Megan - 4 November 08

I can’t sleep either. I can barely string two sentences together.

I look at what’s going on in the world and I want to slap this country upside the head. And that’s not a good thing…

5. Megan - 4 November 08

Wait, maybe it IS a good thing.

6. conortje - 4 November 08

keeping my fingers crossed over here too 🙂

7. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 4 November 08

Frankly, I think the rest of us should have the right to vote too, given we all end up being affected.

8. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 4 November 08

By the way, have you seen this video…?

9. Gaye - 4 November 08

Baino, well said. You always have such a way with words, I love it.

Megan, I really do know how you feel even though I haven’t lived in the States, only visited many times.

And, oh ya it IS a good thing.

Conor, you beauty!!! (as we say here in Ozland)! By the way, can you visit my other blog (gaudiumdelingua.wordpress etc) and help me with the Dutch for “Please vote for Obama”? Vote is the word of the day over there.

Vanilla, I think I wrote in a post somewhere. Lemme find. Oh ya, it’s here. I don’t know how to do the link thing in the comments so you will need to copy paste.
On that post I have shared my brilliance on the voting thing you are talking about. Have a look, hehe.
I saw that video when I was looking at all sorts of election, obama, mccain, palin videos. It’s great isn’t it?
There is actually a video, an interview with John Cleese on Palin, elections and US politics. It’s brilliant. I will send it to you if I find the link again. If you search on youtube “John Cleese Palin interview” you might find it.

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