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Musiquality #2 ~ Josh Pyke 30 October 08

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Josh Pyke ~ Chimneys Afire (October 2008)

Chimneys Afire

Chimneys Afire


1.  Chimney’s Afire
2.  You Don’t Scare Me
3.  The Summer Listen
4.  The Lighthouse Song (Watch and Listen Here)
5.  Candle In Your Window
6.  Variations
7.  Make You Happy
8.  Our House Breathing
9.  Even In Corners
10.Don’t Wanna Let You Down
11.Parking Lots
12.Eat Me Alive
13.New Year’s Song
14.Where Two Oceans Meet

Verdict: His voice, his lyrics, his guitar and his music. Incredible combination.

Favourite song(s): Don’t Want to Let You Down, The Lighthouse Song, Candle in Your Window, Make You Happy,

To-Do: Listen to all of the songs on the album.



1. Baino - 30 October 08

I bought the previous album (or rather Clare bought it for me) I love the Lighthouse Song . .I’m a manic Triple J listener and they had the whole album as ‘album of the week’ a couple of months back but I find he’s getting a bit samey. Still his lyrics are lovely!

2. Gaye - 30 October 08

His songs are different in sound but of course when you listen to a song you immediately know who it is. I mean it’s the same with U2, Metallica, Cog, Pearl Jam, etc etc etc. Even if the sound is a little different there is the signature style, the distinct use of the voice, repeated themes, always a give away.
I was listening to the Lighthouse song and Don’t Want to Let You Down mostly and not paying much attention to the rest of the album initially, but as I listen to more of the songs on the same album, I am really liking them.
Have you listened to Jose Gonzales and Sufjan Stevens?

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