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A corn? Acorn? Oh, ACORN! 30 October 08

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1) ACORN |ˈāˌkôrn|: noun the fruit of the oak, a smooth oval nut in a rough cuplike base.

Somehow, I don’t think it’s the fruit of the oak that is in the election agenda these days.

2) ACORN is an acronym which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. It made me giggle a little, thinking the word Now was added to it to transform it into an acronym. No surprise knowing the popularity of the use of acronyms in the US. I have always been fascinated with that, and the naming of wars (invasions) and military operations… Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Fox, Mongoose, Power Pack, Urgent Fury, etc.

Uhm, got sidetracked there a little. Back to ACORN. “Acorn” sounds good to me. Community Organizations. An Association. Reform. All sound promising; put together, even better.

Have you heard of Brave New Films? Each of the videos end with a whisper: Pssst… Do Something!

I came across the one they made on ACORN.

Have a look:

If ACORN does what it says it does, the world then needs more ACORNS…



1. krissmith777 - 30 October 08
2. Gaye - 30 October 08

It’s your country mate, if you are happy with how it’s going, you deserve the government you get. But the rest of the world who are affected by what happens in your country and the countries that get invaded for a little more than oil may beg to differ.
We can therefore agree to disagree.
Ta for the link anyway and thanks for dropping by.


3. Baino - 30 October 08

Interesting that you’re attracting some right wing criticism over the past couple of days, are these people trawling the net for dissenters? I also love how they don’t link back to their own sites! I have never met a more paranoid race than the Americans. Many of course are simply lovely and sensible and level headed but man, there’s a plethora of terrified people who think that a Democrat government will take away their liberty, their money, their lifestyle, their GUNS! . . and plunge them into a Stalinist sate. Ironically many are ‘Christians’ who seem to have forgotten the basic tenets of caring for those less fortunate “Sharing the wealth” Gaye, we’re not perfect in Australia but if for every dole cheat, someone on social welfare manages to hold their family together, I’m all for it.

Current Republicans seem to have forgotten the incredible support that the country had for one of their more famous Democrat leaders . . John F Kennedy . . .I am totally with you in regards to the isolationist attitude of Americans, they have no idea how their nation’s policies impact the rest of the world and it’s time they took some responsibility for the actions of that nutjob, ignorant megalomaniac George Bush and his ratbag son. Sorry darls. I’m just over this right wing bullshit! I hope Obama wins, I hope he is scrutinised and made to account . . more than ever, I hope he introduces social democracy and a broader view and shows the world that the US is not a bastion of right wing ratbaggery.

4. Gaye - 30 October 08

OMG I know! This post got hit with the comment (well, a link really) as soon as I typed and published it. As I was still editing, I saw there was one comment. Actually I thought it was you, to be honest hehe.
Did you see my “This one for Obama” post? And the comment from a Mr Anon from Oklahoma (stat counter is great).
I expect some intelligent commenter supporting the other side to disagree with me so we can just have a decent little debate but no, I attract anonymous shite it seems. Also a McCain fanatic and an intelligent commenter is a bit of an oxymoron anyhow.
Since I have been browsing the net watching videos and reading articles, I am triple convinced that the racist fanatics are extremely dangerous and there there are so many of them. *shudder*
Thank you so much for the comment! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree and share the same feeling on every word you put down here. I want the BU(LL)SH(IT) to end and changes start happening. I am all for social democracy, there is not enough of it in this world. We can use more of the social justice, equality, a chance at quality and free education, better healtcare, community and social services, shall I count more?
As I said somewhere earlier, even if Obama delivers only a quarter of what he is promising, it’s still much better than what US and the rest of the world got from Bush administration.

5. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 31 October 08

Here I am, trying to trawl my way through the acorn, looking for nuts for the squirrel and beyond the line of my vision it seems an election war is happening on your blog. Where do these people come from and why don’t they just Go.Away.
And yep, I’m with you and Bains, definitely, definitely time for social democracy and enough of the bullshit that arises from fear mongering. Would that people would Wake.Up. and smell the roses. We’re all in this together. There is no us vs them, there is just us (and that’s not to be read as U.S.!!!). And there I thought we were supposed to be an evolving species. Evidently some are intent on remaining unevolved. Hmpf.

6. Gaye - 31 October 08

Hmph is exactly how I feel, well said!
In the global village there is only all of us, I am not sure why people still have problems comprehending and acknowledging this. If the leg hurts the body can’t go anywhere. If the back is sore it’s impossible to sit upright.
I don’t understand why there is so much fear in the USA against anything to do with social democracy (many call anyone who promotes or supports “equality” a terrorist these days.)
Thankfully there are millions of Americans who understand and see what’s gone wrong and are going to vote to show that the care enough to do something about it. Change is inevitable in the global village.

7. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 1 November 08

It’s same old, same old, the same fears from millenia ago. We’re a myopic species incapable of learning the lessons from the past. I know you and I think much alike on these things, Gaye, so I don’t need to “preach to the converted”. The analogy of the body is an excellent one.

And the thing is, I think that much of the fear in the US isn’t just about social democracy, it’s about everything, including one’s own shadow. As you say, thank goodness there are enlightened people there, let’s hope it’s them that win the vote for change. But, that said, I think the writing is on the wall anyway. The days of the US as the world’s superpower are over – in a way, one almost hopes the McPains win, so that they go down, rather than a guy like Obama – because, let’s face it, the stuff facing anyone who wins office is huge, probably insurmountable.

8. Gaye - 1 November 08

I just read this:
A University of Kentucky student and another man have been arrested, accused of hanging a life-sized likeness of Barack Obama from a tree on the campus.
Now what’s mind boggling is not that somebody did this. You can expect it from the fanatics, the ignorant, the racists.
The scary thing about it is, it happened on a university campus. UNIVERSITY! Such a shame.

9. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 1 November 08

Ha, universities are not removed from radical extremism, they are, after all, a microcosm of the macrocosm. And remember, there are some extremely rightwing universities in the US. Sometimes education means the more you learn the less you know… Sad, isn’t it.

10. Gaye - 1 November 08

*shudder* it just doesn’t make sense to me. I can understand being passionate about something but this kind of display of fanaticism in the universities just doesn’t make sense to my rationale.
It’s ironic western media keep broadcasting the fanatic Islamists burning flags, screaming obscenities and making threats to Western countries in huge mobs in the streets. I think it’s worse when people in the same country see it fit to treat each other as such, with displays of hatred and promise of violence. *triple shudder*

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