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This One’s for Obama 29 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Inspirational, Politics, World Affairs.
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The Election of the year is happening soon, although not soon enough.

Obama for change.

Obama for a glimpse of hope, where change is past due.

Though it is too much to ask from one man to change his country,

Let alone the world…

…or carry the weight of it on his shoulders.

But ask and expect, I do.

That change can happen against all odds, like politics.

Ah, what’s life without hope anyways.

If When you are elected Mr. Obama, please do not disappoint me.

No pressure though!



1. Megan - 29 October 08

Scary thing, trying to lead three hundred millions down the right path…

I couldn’t do it. I’m happy to help, though.

2. Baino - 29 October 08

Well he’s white enough for the whites and black enough for the blacks if what we really need is a ‘great big melting pot’ then he’s the epitome! But it’s important to remember that it’s not just the man that leads the country. I also heard on the radio news coming home in the car tonight that there’s a 1:6 chance that John McCain will die in his first year in office due to ongoing skin cancer problems, then we’d inherit THAT woman! The voice enough is a WMD! I say we because we’re so influenced by America sadly. Time to give the new boy a chance I think. I’m stuck for a post tonight so might put a cat among the pigeons eh? (sorry I missed you today Chicka . .I had my Skype account open at work and home and your chat came on at home!)

3. sfokc6125 - 29 October 08

Lets see . We dont want to answer the hard questions. We want you to follows us like SHEEP . We dont want you to see the tape . We want you to give us your HARD earned money so we can give it out to those who have not earned it. We want to raise taxes when the dollar is down. We want you to follow US LIKE SHEEP. America dont go BA BA we are not sheep . If he is so truthful then ANSWER THE HARD QUESTIONS. SHOW US THE TAPE. Bums voting with no proof of address Acorn and its fraudulent registrations. Acorn trained by Obama. Can we say flim flam man. Snake oil salesman .The DNC ha shad controll of congress for 2 years they made this mess. Dont give away this great NATION. If we do then this great Nation will pay .

4. Gaye - 30 October 08

The right path for a politician may not be the right path as we see it, but at least Obama represents some kind of change and I support that kind of change. If he delivers a quarter of the things he promises, it’s still better than NOTHING, which is exactly what the Americans and rest of the world got during Bush era *shudder*. At least he can put two words together without making a mess of it.

Wow, I didn’t know about the McCain bets re. his life span. That woman, yes. Scary. But I mean, even if McCain had another 50 years to live, he chose Palin to be the right hand woman, no? So we have to be afraid of his choices as a president to start with before worrying about his successor. *shudder again*


5. Gaye - 30 October 08

Did I get your name right? I think I will just call you:
Dear Anonymous hailing from wonderful city of Oklahoma,
It was really difficult to read and understand your comment, with the spelling errors and what not.
Before I reply I want to get it straight. Let me see if I got your problems with Obama presidency right:
You want to see the tape…
You want answers to hard questions…
You don’t want taxes raised…
You don’t want to follow like sheep…
You don’t want to BA BA…
You don’t want bums voting….
You want answers to HARD QUESTIONS…
You frown upon Obama and Acorn having anything to do with each other in the past / present / future…
You call Obama flim flam man and snake oil salesman…
You talk about a mess about DNC and something about “DNC ha shad controll…” which I don’t understand. But basically you don’t want and approve A mess that you think was made.
You want to keep this great nation and not give it away.
Did I get all of these right?
Please let me know so I can respond to your comment. And with your next comment, if you please, you could include your choice of president and why.

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