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Movies #1 ~ Saw V 29 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Movies.
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Saw it yesterday.

◊ No moral lessons, divine justice, etc. Who is good, who is evil, lines are blurred. This is a credit to the movie. Not bound by cliches.
◊ Ties up all the loose ends from the other four instalments. Everything, minus the meaning of life, is revealed.
◊ Cringe factor: 11 out of 10. I have never cringed so much, so often in a movie, ever. My cringe factor is calculated by the ratio of the number of times I had to hide behind Niall’s shoulder to the total number of scenes.
◊ Suspense all the way through.
◊ Twisted Pictures: An apt name for the people who write, direct, produce the stuff. It is so twisted, I worry about the mental well-being of those who can imagine this kind of human suffering.

Verdict: Shall be added to DVD collection.



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